The Kazakhyuvelir company is its own production, an extensive network of salons, national flavor and the desire to develop culture in the country as a whole. The President of the Kazakhyuvelir company is Aida Dabyrovna Inkerbayeva.

With the advent of Aida Dabyrovna, positive changes began in the company. Revised sales policydue to the expansion of the range and range of customers. Strengthening the team with professionals is another decisive development factor. Salons are modernized in a modern style, including shop windows, lighting, background music. The slogan "Kazakhyuvelir - eternal values" determines the increase in the share of own production. By the 80th anniversary of Kazakhyuvelir, a rebranding was carried out in order to adapt the name to the new generation without losing its style. The Arabic script of the logo was changed to the Latin script. The unification of salon names under the name of the company continues, which now has 17 branches throughout Kazakhstan. "Kazakhyuvelir" sets trends, creating unique jewelry with a national flavor in the style of minimalism.

The conventional wisdom that a woman cannot be at the helm, especially at the helm of a large company with branches around the country, is clearly not about you? 

- When four years ago I became the head of a well-known jewelry company in the country, by that time people began to slowly forget the way to the Kazakhyuvelir stores. I had to first modernize the company, then come to stability and, finally, set trends in the market.

The subtleties of jewelry art, probably, are better felt by a female leader. Who, if not a woman, will feel all the grace and beauty of the product? And intuition is inherent in a woman. After all, when they try to predict success only with the help of rational straight-line thinking or technology, this may not work, because the time is rapidly changing. To be in time, a woman can connect her intuition, quickly look around and experiment. But when Kazakhyuvelir overcame a difficult path of privatization, lack of money and goods in the country, loans at 400% per annum, my father was at the helm of the company. Thanks to his skills as a strong leader, being sociable and dynamic, he was able to restore his contacts developed in the Soviet Union and abroad, establish relations with suppliers from India, Italy, Russia and ensure uninterrupted supply of goods in the 90s. Employees today say: “If we have gone through such hard times, then nothing will happen to us.”

It turns out that the company has employees with 30 years of work experience?

Yes, people are the most valuable resource. Now we have a strong team of professionals who have managed to adapt to the ever-accelerating rhythm and demands of the time. I trust my team and carefully listen to their competent opinions. It is important for me that each employee is realized in the profession. As a manager, I am open to communication - my working day can take place in any of our stores, in a laboratory, at a production or marketing event.

Do you have family traditions related to jewelry?

I keep the earrings given by my father for graduation as a treasure, a dear memory to me. I have been wearing earrings with pleasure since the time of “syrga salu” - matchmaking. I hope I keep them and pass them on to my daughters. Our company with 80 years of history is not accidentally associated with the customs of the Kazakh people to inherit high-quality jewelry, the design of which embodies national motifs, culture and ethnicity. From mouth to mouth, by word of mouth, information is transmitted that the unique style of jewelry from Kazakhyuvelir serves not only you, but also the next generation. It is very nice to feel the trust of people of different ages.

What is the path of the product from conception to implementation into a precious jewelry?

The sketch of the product, developed by the artists, after approval, is sent to technologists and jewelers to create a 3D model, after making adjustments to the design, development begins according to the manufacturing technology, a selection of stones and metal colors. Then the product undergoes a multi-level quality check: setting the stones, matching the gold sample. The fineness of a gold product (585 or 750) depends on the amount of pure gold in the alloy, since gold itself in “three nines - 999, as it is sold in ingots”, is very fragile, it cannot be worn. A double test is put on an imported product - from the supplier and the trading company. Further, the team of the commercial department deals with the product: label, description of the product, selection of collections for filming; then - marketing: shooting for social networks, videos for promoting goods in stores, preparation of various promotions. Photographers, video makers, copywriters... And that's not all who are involved in the production and sale of unique jewelry "Kazakhyuvelir". Each stage of the work is important in its own way. Just like the tastes of our customers.

It is noteworthy that one taste red gold and concise design products, and others- yellow gold and more massive bright jewelry. In production, we take into account the purchasing power and preferences of our citizens.

We take into account the age categories of regular and new customers, because we care not only about those who bought wedding rings in the distant 60s and 70s of the twentieth century, but also about the generation Z who watches us through social networks and purchases engagement rings. While their parents buy gifts for special celebrations associated with traditions. The wedding jewelry collection, consisting of wedding rings and precious items for relatives, is very popular.

Sometimes the questions of potential customers are surprising on the topic: why is it expensive? Probably, a similar attitude to the cost of goods is found in any field. But we know how much work has been invested in order for the product to appear on the store window.

What influences sales ranking the most: product range, quality, brand name, or all of the above?

By updating the assortment with an attractive design of national ornaments that reflect the culture of our people and at the same time fall into the trend, we do our best to ensure that customers return to Kazakhyuvelir for new products.

Having opened its own production of jewelry, Kazakhyuvelir turned to the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after Zhurgenov with a proposal for cooperation. But the academy educates only five students a year in the jewelry specialty, mostly metal specialists. The search continued successfully among designers of a wide profile, who were educated in the best art schools in Europe. Our young talents, looking for ornaments in the Pushkin Library, gave them modern outlines on paper, and then master jewelers transferred the sketches to metal.

The collection, consisting of 12 pieces of jewelry, is the first in our Instagram, called "Yurt". It took months of work to create it, and before our eyes are skillfully made products, a miracle of jewelry craftsmanship. The use of semi-precious stones, malachites, lapis lazuli and white stone, mother-of-pearl in collections is a trend today.

Contests for jewelry designers are something new… 

The competition for the best sketches for jewelry (with an award of 300 thousand tenge) was held in 2021 among talented compatriots, and the profession and knowledge of the 3D modeling program did not matter. The value of the competition is creative ideas, original drawings for future products. We intend to hold such competitions on a regular basis, opening up new names and the opportunity to realize ourselves. Our mission is not only to produce and sell, but also to develop creativity, to give knowledge about culture. Follow the organization of the upcoming competition on the official page of "Kazakhyuvelir".

Continuing the theme of national traditions, are you not limited to jewelry?

We have created a collection of silk scarves depicting historical scenes and national traditions. Scarves "Silk Road", "Syrga salu","Ashekeyler","Saukele" are real works of art made in the best Italian factories. Scarves are sold literally at cost.

What are the prospects and plans for the future of Kazakhyuvelir?

We plan to update the collections up to eight times a year. And one more thing - to write an encyclopedia book with rich factual material about Kazakh culture and ancient rituals that we cherish to this day, with a detailed description of jewelry. Our clients will find answers to their many questions in this book.

Our goal is to preserve traditions in every generation and motivate customers to come back to us with all the pleasant events.

Check out Instagram on our page and read the news on the website @kazakhyuvelir_official.Come to the salons of "Kazakhyuvelir". We are happy to decorate your present and future!

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