Eternal motion

Armanzhan Baitasov can be called one of the founders of Kazakhstan's media. The sale of Channel 31 to the Russian holding "STS Media" for a record $150 million went down in the history of local  business.

Today, his portfolio includes Forbes Kazakhstan, the MuzZone television channel, Business FM radio, the Icon telecommunications company, and other assets. In addition, Armanzhan Merekeevich is a patron of education, a member of the Board of Trustees of several charitable foundations. He leads an active lifestyle: he plays tennis and goes skiing. Together with his wife Dilyara since their student days, they have raised three children. A representative of Muse of nomad met with the businessman and talked about how the nomadic spirit helps him achieve success.

Armanzhan Merekeevich, what do you like most about our country?

I like everything in our country. Everything without exception: the nature of Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern Kazakhstan. Almaty region - a treasure trove of tourist routes. I like our food and our people, the people of Kazakhstan. Our country is young, which means we're a young nation and we're looking to the future. I like that young people like to learn, we see it on the forums. There is a thirst for new knowledge. This is inherent to our people.

Muse of nomad means "muse or inspiration of nomads. What do you think inspired the nomads?

I guess nomadic in terms of history is a way of life. When you live in harmony with the world around you. Nomads are big dreamers. We have a group of friends with whom we have been traveling with families to various interesting places for decades, our team is called «Nomads». We experience the world in constant motion. Each time you discover new worlds, countries, new cuisine, meet new people - it is probably the most beautiful and brightest thing on this earth. And it will inspire, create new connections in the mind. And in the born connections to give birth to some new images. Nomads are characterized by perpetual movement.

Author: Gaziza Gabi

Photographer: Daulet Kazhkenov, @dan_smat

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