Financial support of banks to people of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is our common home. During the unrest in the country, many businesses and a large number of people were affected. As a big family, we feel the pain of each of them. During these difficult days, everyone rallied as one and gave each other great support. Created support funds are already being filled with finance from various organizations. Domestic banks also did not stand aside. Each of them made its contribution to the restoration of the country after January events.



Halyk Bank will allocate 3 billion tenge from its funds, which will be used to help affected entrepreneurs from small and micro business sector, as well as for operative restoration of destroyed facilities and other tasks that require immediate solutions.

Earlier, the head of Halyk Bank, Umut Shayakhmetova, in her interview with Atameken Business Channel, stated the bank's readiness to help society cope with the devastating consequences of terrorist attacks and riots.

“I really believe that now there is strength in unity, we must confront any challenges and enemies together. I love my country very much, and of course, I think that everyone can and should help in some possible way. We need to be together, to direct this force into creation, goodness. I truly believe in it and think that people also believe and want it. It seems to me that during these tough days everyone felt that the world is very fragile and the most important thing is the life and health of people. Therefore, I wish peace, health, tranquility, and kindness to all of us,” Umut Shayakhmetova stressed…

Also, more than half a billion tenge was allocated by Sberbank in Kazakhstan for the restoration of Almaty, which was seriously affected during the recent riots.



Because of these funds, in particular, buildings of the National Library and the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be restored and should operate.

Sberbank also handed over to the city ten modern intensive care vehicles equipped with the most recent medical equipment, including defibrillators, heart rate monitoring systems, portable lung ventilation devices, and oxygen cylinders.



As Eldar Tenizbayev, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Kazakhstan, noted: “Almaty is going through difficult times. The main common goal now is to return our hometown to its former appearance as soon as possible. And we would like to contribute to this important cause. We handed over ten ambulances equipped with advanced medical equipment to Almaty. They also decided to restore the National Library and the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan on their own. I am confident that with our joint efforts, we will not only quickly restore all damage, but also become even stronger.”



At a meeting of Majilis, the head of state instructed to create a public social fund "Kazakhstan Khalkyna". and co-founders of the company Vyacheslav Kim and Mikhail Lomtadze announced that they would transfer 10 billion tenge to the fund.

The capital transferred to the fund will be used to solve citizens’ problems in the field of healthcare, education, social support, culture, and sports. It is planned that fund’s assistance will be provided to the affected population in emergencies and when a state of emergency is introduced. The fund will also assist in the treatment of children with rare diseases and finance the construction of social and cultural facilities.


Author: Moldir Adamzhan

Translator-editor: Chingiz Smakov

Photo: from the archives of the press service

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