Kazakhstani startup attracted $ 3mln. in investments

Kazakhstani kick sharing service JET, registered with Astana Hub, has attracted a new round of investments of $ 3 million from private Kazakhstani and Russian investors and announced the search for the next round of investments. The investor of the project is Eric Iskakov, a serial entrepreneur in Astana, an investor in the construction of residential and commercial facilities, as well as more than 10 private investors and businessmen with a focus on international IT companies.

JET operates in 6 countries like Kazakhstan, Serbia, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia. The startup plans to spend the funds raised to expand in 5-8 more countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The service is the market leader in cities with a population of over one million: Almaty, Nursultan, Minsk, Odessa and Yerevan.

The founders of JET - entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan and Russia Meyrambek Abelkasov and Serik Uspanov. The total investment in JET is $ 5 million, of which $ 1.5 million was invested by the founders of the service at the start of the company. The company has been profitable from the first month of its existence.

The company's park is more than 10,000 scooters in 14 cities around the world.


Author: Moldir Adamzhan

Photo: from open source

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