Love and Integrity

The birth of children is a great happiness in a family. Moreover, families with many children are not a rarity in Kazakhstan. Habib and Anel Davletkhojaev not only raise five children, but also run a joint family business.


What are the strong points of your family?

Anel: Through love, integrity, and trust.

Habib: We want to do the best and most for each other.

Is the recipe for family happiness individual or are there still universal components?

A: Love.

H: As a rule, it is honesty, attention, love, determination. Because of this, you go through life together hand in hand.

How do you manage to combine business and a large family?

H: The point of a successful business and a big family is to want to give your loved ones the best, and as you search for options, you find more and more solutions to develop and integrate.

A: Well, plus we have a lot of good associates, and by working with them properly, there's a balance in each area.


Who is responsible for what in business and in family?

X: Kazakh proverbs say that the man is the earner and the woman saves everything properly. Anel is in charge of accounting, control, distribution, and motivation for business development. I do the management and strategic planning.

In the family, Anel can do a lot, but she needs support, which is me. She is willing to do anything, but when she needs to show strength, Anelle expects support from me.

Traditional Question: What do you like most about our country?

A: Traditions and family values going from generation to generation - that unites us.

H: National cuisine.

Our magazine is called Museofnomad. What do you think inspired the nomads?

A: Nomads are inspired by constant contact with the land, with their native land.


 Author: Gaziza Gabi

Photographer: Daulet Kazhkenov, @dan_smat

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