The bridge between the past, present and the future

The three generations of the Nukenov family are: Maratkali Ordabaevich and his wife Raushan Asanovna, their sons Yerzhan and Yerlan and four grandchildren. The family passes their heritage to the next generations, honoring the shezhire (ancestry).

Maratkali Nukenov used to serve in law enforcement and rose to the rank of general from a simple cadet; he also was the chairman of the Ministry of State Revenues Customs Committee. His wife, having graduated with honors from a medical university, worked in her specialty for 10 years, until she discovered her talent for writing and poetry. Since then she has published over 20 books in Russian, English and French. Now she is an Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan and of the PEN Club.

The successors of the Nukenov family have received good education: Yerzhan in the USA and Yerlan in the UK, and became successful entrepreneurs. Respect for each other was passed down from grandfathers to children and grandchildren. Yerzhan and Yerlan brought up their own children to know their shezhire.

The birth of children and meeting the in-laws are good reasons to gather the large and close-knit family at the dastarkhan and sing Kazakh songs. Three generations of Nukenovs live under one roof. The family of the youngest son Yerlan lives in his parental home as per the Kazakh tradition "kara shanyrak".

Inspired by the older generation, young families create their own traditions. Yerlan and his wife named their children in honor of various family events and prominent figures. Their eldest daughter is called Mikaela Merey - her middle name honors her father, who had a milestone birthday the year she was born (Merey - holiday). The second daughter was named after Genghis Khan’s daughter-in-law - Surkoktani Sara. Their son was given the name of the Prophet Muhammad, because grandfather Maratkali made a hajj to Mecca that year.

Author: Nadezhda Sergeyeva

Photo: Aidyn Ahmet, @aidyn_ahmet

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