The love for freedom is in the genes

Bekzat Sarmanov - Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Elitstroy” LLP. A successful civil engineer, well-known philanthropist, major investor, loving father, and caring, beloved grandfather.


   The honored Coach of Kazakhstan, the initiator of the creation of the Wrestling Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan, headed the Federation of Greco-Roman, Freestyle, and Women's Wrestling of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2007, he was elected a member of the Senator Club FILA (International Wrestling Federation). He also actively supports other sports: the annual traditional “Elitstroy Club Championship” golf tournament and the “Elitstroy Spring Cup” in alpine skiing are held in Almaty.

The interviewee finances the publication of books and holds cultural events.

What do you love in our country? 

First of all, our people. Kazakhstanis are very hospitable and responsive. Relationships have subtle details that are unique to our people. Respect for the elders, understanding of the youth are generally priceless. I travel a lot around the world and see these differences. Nature, culture, food, and traditions are unique. I adore our country very much!

What do you think served as a muse for a nomad? What inspired nomads?

Our people were seekers. Their desire to learn catalyzed new achievements. In my opinion, the muse of nomads was freedom. And they were inspired by their love of liberty. It is this quality that helps to understand and develop oneself, and we have the love in our genes. Now I work with young people - they possess this valuable quality.

Interviewer: Moldir Adamzhan

Translator-editor: Chingiz Smakov

Photographer: Aidyn Ahmet, @aidyn_ahmet

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