The Silk Way of XXI century

The Davlethodjaev family, Khabib and Anel, have built the HAAAAAS Logistics company from the ground up, and the company became one f the largest businesses in Kazakhstan. Anel is not only a businesswoman, but also a mother of five children.

Abai Kunanbayev said: «Judge a man’s virtues by how he started a business, not by how he ended it». What was your mission in the beginning and what changes it went through over time? How would you define your mission now — both as a person and as a business lady?

Today our mission is truly a global one: we are a bridge between people, we unite cultures, goods and countries, improve the quality of life planet wide. Eleven years ago our mission was not so global. We just had a great desire to improve our financial
situation to celebrate our wedding day. We perceived our mission later. When the business started to grow, we asked ourselves: «What is all this for? What is the next step? After all, HAAAAAS can be more than just a business».

As for my purely human mission, I see it in self-development and sharing my experience with my family and people. And, of course, children are the meaning and joy of life.

Our periodical is about the culture of nomads, and logistics is, in fact, a continuation of their activity. Modern nomad – who is he?

A modern nomad is not a one place person. He has no goal to accumulate a certain amount of money, buy a house or open a fleet of vehicles in his garage. He can live in a rented apartment for six months, then fly halfway across the world. Modern nomads are travelers, who put emotions and passion first. And settling down somewhere for them is like losing wings for a bird.

Where can a modern nomad find inspiration?

Everywhere! The world is huge and diverse. Landscapes, culture, peoples, traditions and customs, places and local color and, of course, emotions – this is where a nomad draws inspiration from. Modern nomads’ inner world is so rich and extraordinary that we all have something to learn from them.

Even for a person superficially familiar with both your social media and the company activities, it will be easy to understand how important your family is to you. Please tell us about the traditions in your family: what routines, habits, customs you keep though the years.

We honor the traditions of our nation. We surely hold and host shildekhana parties, that is, celebrations of a childbirth. When a child is making attempts to take his first steps, we hold the tusau keser ceremony. We are sure to perform a circumcision ceremony for our sons, organizing a big party.

Every Friday I personally bake shelpeks, thereby commemorating my passed loved ones and relatives. And a couple of years ago Khabib set himself a goal to learn to slaughter and immolate a ram. My dad taught him as an elder of our family. And now he can deftly do it himself and plans to teach this art to our sons in the future. Also, we always celebrate all holidays together with our big family, gathering at the big rich dastarkhan to share our love and energy. And we always tell children that the most  important task of a person is charity and love, to be close to the loved ones, to honor and respect them, to always lend a helping hand and be pious.

Who would Anel Davlethodzhayeva be if she was not in business?

To be honest, I don't see myself out of business. It is very important for me to do something global that affects the economy as a whole, the development of the country. I tried to work as an employee, but it's not for me; neither could I be a housewife. I need great scope and diverse tasks. I easily can be both a businesswoman and a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a housewife, a girlfriend, a blogger. And I realize my potential everywhere.

How would you formulate for yourself – what is the strength of our culture?

I believe that the Kazakh people is one of the richest nations in cultural terms, because living in a multinational country, we have gained all the best from all nations. The distinctive features of our people are hospitality and openness. And for the modern world it is a real diamond. The world is evolving, globalization is spreading over, but people often forget what humanity is, what charity, piety, and good deeds are. Without these qualities, global peace cannot exist.

Author: Igor Toporkov

Photo: Aydin Akhmet, @aidyn_ahmet
Make-up artist: Bayan Alaguzova, @bayan_alaguzova
Model: Anel Davlethodzhaeva,
Location: Esqueterian Club Ak-Bulak

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