Work harder, smarter and more

Hearing the call of the ancestors... is an amazing quality ingrained in Kazakh people who know their zheti ata. This knowledge is not just a tribute to the ancestors, but also a reason to be proud of the achievements of the relatives who became history.


Not only can we inherit our ancestors` and parents` genes, facial features, intellectual abilities, traditions, material wealth, but also the love for the family business.

The continuity in the Moldakhanov dynasty is reflected in following the moral principles laid down by the previous generations. Moreover, the business created by Sabyrzhan Serikovich in the 90s was picked up by his youngest son Dastan. To continue the family business is a great honor and responsibility. Aslan and Dastan continue their family traditions in raising their sons: Sultanali Aslanuly and Demir Batu Dastanuly.


In 40 years Sabyrzhan Serikovich has created a supermarket chain under the SabyrzhanCompany and Toimart brands, employing over three thousand people in 40 stores in Almaty and the region.

Dastan adheres to the rules that his father taught him in managing the business and raising children: “My children will see how they could live in wealth and style. And then I'll show them how to achieve that. I will give them a taste of fish - they will understand how good it tastes, and then I will teach them how to fish. That's what my parents did, and, you know, it worked. I was motivated to have a good, pampered and comfortable life. How to do it? Work harder, smarter and more than others".

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 Author: Gaziza Gabi

Photographer: Daulet Kazhkenov, @dan_smat


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