110th anniversary of Dinmukhamed Kunaev

On January 12th, the 110th anniversary of the outstanding statesman, the first secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee of the Kazakh SSR, Dinmukhamed Akhmetovich Kunaev. The editorial staff of Museofnomad brings to your attention great quotes of Kunaev about his people and the statements of politicians and writers about him.



Dinmukhamed Kunaev is a statesman who made a huge contribution to the development of Soviet Kazakhstan economy. He was born on January 12th, 1912 in Alma-Ata (Almaty). He went down in history as a major statesman, first secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee of the Kazakh SSR, three times “Hero of Socialist Labor”, president of the Sciences Academy of Kazakhstan.



Great quotes about his nation:

  • I have always devotedly served my people, and I will serve them until the last day.

  • Kazakh say "If one doesn't know his neighbor, he doesn't know his ancestors either." A unique feature of our people is that our people know their ancestors up to the seventh generation even without records. A person with a pure gene pool will have a healthy body, language, and religion.

  • Rootlessness begins with the absence of language like a child without a mother is an orphan.

  • Today I confess that religious holidays are an integral part of the spiritual development of the nation.

  • Recently, a wonderful holiday has been revived - nauryz. But I just can't understand one thing: why was it celebrated for a long time in our republic by every region, district, individual organizations at different times, and people of Central Asian republics - on the same day?

  • Everyone should know their ancestry



Quotes about Kunaev:

Bauyrzhan Momyshuly (“People's Hero of Kazakhstan”, “Hero of the Soviet Union”, writer): "I am proud of my people, their worthy son ... this is a historical fact ..."

Leonid Brezhnev (5th leader of the USSR, former General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union): "It is pleasant to note the skillful leadership of the party work and economic activities of the Communist Party Central Committee of Kazakhstan and personally Dimash Akhmedovich Kunaev"

Mukhtar Auezov (Great Kazakh writer, scientist): "The fate of Dimash is to be the pride of Kazakh people, may the Almighty protect him"

Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th President of the United States, General of the Army, hero of the Second World War): "This is a deep-thinking politician, a man who has fully mastered national wisdom, a rare personality in the Soviet Union"

Eduard Shevardnadze (President of Georgia (1993-2005), the last Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR): “Kunayev is an academician, he reflected on any issue broadly and deeply. He always found a common language with his people "

Jawaharlal Nehru (A prominent politician of the 20th century, the first prime minister of India): “There is no greater happiness than being the son of generous, benevolent Kazakh people. Happy are those people who have a son who remembers the past of the country and selflessly works for the future of his nation. This man is Dinmukhammed Kunaev "

Nursultan Nazarbayev (First President of Kazakhstan): “Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich was distinguished by great inner culture, broad education and vast personal experience. He embodied the best features of our people, Kazakh intelligentsia of that time "

Olzhas Suleimenov (Poet, leader of the Nevada-Semey anti-nuclear movement): "In the 20th century, we were lucky to meet people who fit the definition of "great"

Ilyas Esenberlin (Writer, historical novelist, author of the "Nomads" trilogy): "Prominent personalities are born either for happiness or for the grief of their people," says a Kazakh proverb. Dimash Akhmedovich was born for the happiness of people, and in a special way, dear to each of us "


 Source: official website of D.A. Kunaev kunayev.kz

Photo: from the archives of the press services

Translator-editor: Chingiz Smakov

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