14 nauriz - Korisu holiday

March 14 is the Korisu holiday. On this day people shake hands with each other, rejoicing that they have had a good winter.


March 14 is the Korisu holiday. On this day, people shake hands with each other to rejoice at having had a successful winter. It is an ancient spring holiday common to the hospitable Kazakh people. The upbringing of the generation in responsiveness and harmony is a progressive process of courtesy and kindness.

Kөrisu is an ancient spring holiday common to the hospitable Kazakh people. In the western regions of the country the holiday of Korisu is celebrated as the beginning of Nauryz.

This day among the regions is also called the holiday of Amal. With the onset of spring people joyfully greet their families and neighbors, shaking hands and hugging each other.  Forgetting hostility and resentment, they wish each other prosperity. To start the new year with a clean slate, people generously lay dastarkhan and welcome guests.

Korіsu means peace, kindness, reverence. Although the history of the holiday is not clear, but its significance is known to many. On this day, young people go to the homes of older people, wishing them prosperity. Young children receive gifts and presents from each table. In some regions there is an opinion that it is necessary to visit three houses.  There are also distant relatives who have not had time to visit each other during the long winter. It is to educate the younger generation in the spirit of peace and brotherhood, to foster courtesy and kindness.

Ethnographer Dosymbek Katranovich told about how the holiday is celebrated today.

On this day, people visit the older generation, meet with them, greet them, wish them good health. They also come with gifts. And if those who went on their own business in other areas, had time to greet each other before summer, it was believed that they have continued the tradition of "kөrsu". And what does "Zhas kutty bolsyn" mean? This suggests that nomads do not celebrate the birthday. Such a wish they say only on this day, because all of them on that day they became one year older. After that, we conclude that the nomads had no celebration of a person's birthday," said Katranovich.

On this holiday, filled with joy and happiness, bright and sincere wishes, respect and abundance, people, rejoicing, meet this holiday March 22nd-the great day of Ulus...


 Author: Moldir Adamzhan

Photo: from the press service archive.

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