Ethno style of modernity

Among vivid and bold styles in the world of Fashion - ethno. This is the appearance of customs and cultures of various peoples. Each nation has characteristic, unique features, and coloring. The garment in the national style is reflected in modern design and occupies a distinct position in the fashion world.

A long dress and “saukele” seem to have become a characteristic of a Kazakh girl. However, with this phrase, an image of a glorious woman dressed in a Kazakh dress and a “kazhekei”, with two braids decorated with “shashbau”, comes to our mind. But today the modern style of a Kazakh lady has shifted drastically. The fashion world does not stay motionless, new models of clothing are released daily, trends are being altered.

Generally, there are several tendencies in the fashion world. For instance, in the national costumes and accessories of African, Oriental, Egyptian, Japanese, Indian, Greek, Slavic, Mongolian, and Buryat people, one could notice a colorful image of ethnic style.

The national clothes of Kazakh people are a clear representation of culture, traditions, and customs. It is also common that, following the innovative fashion market, garments acquire a modern image. Ethnicity can be reflected in any piece of clothing. The gist - national elements in the design. Moreover, properly selected accessories will add national colors to your image. Thus, we present to your attention a few illustrations of introducing ethnic style elements to your image.


Nowadays, among the majority, such jewelry in the national style as “shashbau” (ribbons with decoration woven into braids), bracelets, shekelik (temporal suspension, an ornament that is worn on a headdress), pendant, and earrings are in demand. Properly selected products would make your image special. The main benefit – you could unite them with any tone.




Such a modern headdress as a hat is not quitting being trendy for several years now. Although, you can combine your everyday look with a skullcap in the national style. You can even wear it to a festive evening. The core idea is the right color and fabric.



Chapan. Kazhekey

Tired of copying others when choosing trench coats and jackets in demand? Then choose modern models of “chapans” and vests in the national style (“kazhekei”). Easily combined with both casual and festive imageries, these types of outerwear will take their distinguished place in your wardrobe. In this case, the core deal is to choose a shade that can reveal your personality.



An evening Dress

Those who want to differentiate from the crowd should also consider things with elements of ethnic style for festive events. A good illustration for this is a Kazakh-style belt and embroidered ornaments that add charisma to your evening dress.





If you want to change the clothes in your wardrobe with ethnic style, choose the appropriate accessories. For example, a brooch or bag would be a winning choice.



Fashion is style. Style is taste. Taste is a choice. And the choice is desire. A person's lifestyle and values ​​are measured according to his desires. Therefore, to exalt our culture, traditions, and customs, and cultivate our national values, we must form our own identity in all areas. To fulfill this aim, you must turn national clothes into the “Made in KZ” brand.


Author: Adamzhan Moldir

Translator-editor: Chingiz Smakov

Photos: from the archives of press services

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