Outstanding personalities of Kazakh culture born in the year of the Tiger

New Year 2022 is the year of the Tiger. Tigers are known for their strength and determination. No other animal on Earth combines that much beauty, strength, and energy. Add courage to this, and you have a complete list of enviable qualities given to one who was born in the Year of the Tiger. Our editors have prepared for you a list of Kazakh culture outstanding personalities born in the year of the Tiger.


Gabiden Mustafin (1902-1985) - Kazakh writer, public figure, corresponding member of the National Academy of the Kazakh SSR, People's Writer of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR named after Abay. His works reflect the fate of his native people, filled with dramatic events, in a difficult time.


 Gabit Musrepov (1902-1985) - an outstanding Kazakh writer, statesman, and public figure, one of the founders of national drama, translator, historian, literary critic, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, “Hero of Socialist Labor”, laureate of the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR named after Abay, the Sh.Valikhanova, People's Writer of Kazakhstan, Chairman of Kazakhstan Writers Union.


Sabira Maikanova (1914-1994) - Kazakh actress, “Honored Artist” of the Kazakh SSR, “People's Artist” of the USSR. She created the images of many contemporaries, but, of course, the main, as they say now, the starring role is the image of Tolganay, the mother from the work of Sh. Aitmatov "Ana-Zher-ana". For the performance of this role, she was awarded the “State Prize” of the Kazakh SSR.

She participated in Kazakh literature and art decades in Moscow in 1936 and 1958. She starred in the films "Poem of Love", "Girl-Dzhigit", "Kyz-Zhibek", "Three Days of the Holiday", "Accept Adam!" and others. She was awarded the “Order of the Labor Red Banner” and medals.


Alla Ilchun (1926-1989) is a legendary Parisian model, whose photographs have graced the pages of French and foreign newspapers and fashion magazines for several decades. She was Christian Dior's muse.

In her honor, a book by Berlin Irishev “Muse of Dior. The story of Alla Ilchun: a girl with Kazakh roots who conquered the world of fashion" was published.


Fatima Balgaeva (1926-2005) - Kazakh kobyz player, music teacher, “People's Artist of Kazakhstan”. Since 1942 she has performed with the Kazakh Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments. She began her musical career as a dombra player, later she switched to kobyz. Graduated from the Alma-Ata Conservatory in 1950. Since 1960 she taught at the Conservatory, in 1978 became a professor. She developed an original kobyz playing technique, combining the traditional principles of sound production with the techniques of the violin and cello school.


Askar Suleimenov (1938-1992) - Soviet and Kazakh writer, literary critic, playwright. Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1996). Askar Suleimenov made a great contribution to national spiritual modernization, the revival of thought, and art. As one of the spiritual leaders of his period, he always represented national interests wherever he served. Films “People and Horses”, “Kulager” were shot at the “Kazakhfilm” movie studio, according to his script, he worked a lot as the film editor of “Kyz Zhibek”, over the years as the head of the literary department of the theater named after M. Auezov contributed to a new interpretation of the national classics.




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Author: Moldir Adamzhan

Translator-editor: Chingiz Smakov

Photo: archives of the press services


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