A presentation of the book about Olzhas Suleimenov was held in Almaty.

The presentation of the book "Reading Olzhas Suleimenov", published with the support of international organization "TURKSOY" on development of Turkic culture and art was held.


The presentation of the book was held at the A. Kasteev State Art Museum. Public figures, students, mass media representatives, fans of literature took part in the event. Duysen Kaseinov, Secretary General of TURKSOY, congratulated Olzhas Suleimenov, famous poet, public figure and Hero of Labour.


Gulmira Shalabaeva, Director of Kasteev State Museum of Arts, noted that "Duysen Kaseinov is the author and sponsor of the book, and Berik Barysbekov is the publisher" and thanked everyone who took part in publication of this work.


"Every poem in this work is written in English, because it was necessary to introduce the culture of the Kazakh people to the world. The book, published in 2,000 copies, has gone around the world. Also, each poem is presented together with a picture. The aim was to awaken the reader's consciousness. There are works by Salihitdin Aitbayev, Yevgeny Sidorkin, Dosbol Kasymov, Meirzhan Nurgozhin, Nikolay Gasayev and other artists of Turkic-speaking countries," said Gulmira Shalabaeva.


Berik Barysbekov noted that the book was published to mark the 85th anniversary of Olzhas Suleimenov. "I consulted a lot with Olzhas Suleimenov. He was very happy when we presented him the layout of the book. Besides, it is the only work in which the author has written the foreword himself," reflected the publisher.


In his speech, Olzhas Suleimenov noted the great merit of TURKSOY in establishing peace between the countries. "Publisher Berik Barysbekov with his work has established a monument to outstanding personalities of the Kazakhs, the East. Of course, such works have been done under the auspices of TURKSOY. I would like them to continue this good tradition. In general, the rapprochement of cultures remains an eternal theme of UNESCO and other world organizations, including TURKSOY," the poet and public figure said.


Author: Mouldir Adamzhan


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