Imanbek recorded the sound of an atom for a new track

Kazakh musician Imanbek Zeykenov (Imanbek) as part of the musical film project AtomSound went to Russia, to Leningrad nuclear power station to record the atom sound for his new track. This was reported by the authors and creators of the project.

"As a music producer, it is important for me to understand the scientific, theoretical part of my work. Many musicians create being inspired, but behind the inspiration is also science - harmonics, acoustics. We can say that inspiration is also a kind of science," Imanbek said.

The authors will create a documentary in which they will prove that music is a carrier of energy. The idea to record the sound of an atom was born from a simple thesis: sound waves are ordered vibrations of atoms.

"As it’s said, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. We’ll just try to explore this magic in the film. Just imagine: write a track of sounds, that’ll be based on the very basis of sound - an atom," said the Grammy winner.

The premiere of the track and film is scheduled for 2022.


Author: Moldir Adamzhan

Photo: from open source

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