«My Big Kazakh Family» from Tiger Films

This is a comedy film directed by Alena Niyazbekov, who has quite enviable caste. The plot revolves around the Manarbek family. His role performed by the actor Kuandyk Shakirzhanov, who copes very well with the role of the father and professionally conveys the character and emotions of the head of the Kazakh family. According to film’s plot, he is the father of four children. The eldest son married an Armenian woman. Two daughters got married - one married Russian, the other one Korean man. Father's last hope is Bulbul's youngest daughter, played by actress Dina Tasbulatova. She graduated from a university in Europe and returns home to introduce the groom to his parents. But they already made their choice, and each of them believes that his youngest daughterwill support him. Mom, whose role is played by Shynar Askar, chose herson-in-law to be a businessman. And the father chose a hero who would charm him with hiscourage and character. Both believe that the youngest daughter must marry a Kazakh.

The cast of the film is very diverse. It has experienced performers who aren’t the first timeon the set together.

There are also debutants. We managed to talk to the actors and get to know their heroes closer.

Dina Tasbulatova:

My heroine Bulbul is the youngest daughter in the family, a little spoiled and at the same time is very independent. She is the only family member who studied abroad. She and I are very similar. It was easy for me to get along with the team, as with many we’ve already worked together. We should note that for the actor, who played my groom, it was the debut role.But despite this fact,he did his job well. I won't give spoilers for the film, but I completely support my heroine. For me, all people are equal. And love has no borders.

Rustem Almagambetov:

I can’t say that we are alike with my hero. Since, it is impossible  to reveal the plot completely, I won’t tell everything in detail. But he is more narcissistic, ladies' man. Very loving and always wants to be in the spotlight. I can't say that he is in love with the main character. But the fact that there is someone else claiming this girl made him fight. Damir's character is my debut role. And I am very grateful to my team for their support. Before that, I purposefully went in for sports. Was in the team of runners. Later they noticed me on Instagram, and I managed to become part of this cast. We got along well with the cast and steel are one big family. The film is very kind, but at the same time with deep meaning. I believe that it’s impossible to divide nations among themselves. Kazakhstan is our common Home. And we are all one big family. I think after the release of this film, we will be able to raise this issue from the other side.

Olzhas Alzhanov:

My hero's name is Yerasyl. He would have been a desired son-in-law for a younger daughter. The chapter liked his courage, boldness and Kazakh spirit families. This was the beginning of the battle for the status of the groom. I myself was not it is especially difficult to play this character. After the video test, the scriptwriters they said that Yerasyl is the spitting image of me. And I don't need to overplay, I need to just be myself. The shooting process was very interesting. And complete adventures for me personally. I have already said that my hero is a “batyr”. There was one episode when I had to do one trick with a horse, but fell. As a result, I was injured and until the end of filming walked with a broken hand, as the plaster would interfere with my filming. Despite this, I’m very happy to be a part of this team. Yerasyl is a character that I have wanted to play for a long time. Although I wanted to do historical films, I managed to reveal the image of the “batyr” in the genre of comedy. I think that public will love Yerasyl. After all, he is a real batyr, whom everyone will admire.

The Kazakh spirit, the power of ancestors live in each of us. And I believe we always need people like Yerasyl. The film itself will show family values, traditions, stereotypes that get in the way to this day and, of course, the power of love. I’m sure that every viewer will gain something valuable from this film. I can’t say that everyone who is against interethnic marriages is wrong. This depends on the rules of each family. For one this is normal, for another one it is taboo. The most important thing here is to become happy. Each person must make a choice.

The film will not only give a good mood, but also make it clear that the most important is happiness. As they say, there is no bad nation, there are only bad  people. And the heart doesn’t choose whom to love. We live in a multicultural country, and each of us has the right to choose. The film was shot on the basis of Kinopark-Kinoplexx Theaters in a dedicated Tiger Films division that was created in 2021 with the aim of producing its own full-length films. The premiere is scheduled for December 23rd.


Author: Moldir Adamzhan

Translator-editor: Chingiz Smakov

Photo: from arikhiv press service

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