Two billion from Kazakhstani businessmen

Kazakh businessmen expressed their readiness to assist in the fight against the consequences of January events. They will send 2 billion tenge to help the victims.

Berik Kaniev and Yuri Pak (Lancaster Group Kazakhstan), Timur Turlov (Freedom Finance Holding), Sergey Kan (Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas JSC), Aidyn Rakhimbaev, Askhat Omarov, and Bauyrzhan Isabaev (BI Group) addressed publicly and urged the business community of the Republic of Kazakhstan to unite and support the initiatives announced by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

“Dear compatriots! We express our sincere condolences to the families and friends of those killed during January events. We sympathize with those affected and wish you a fast recovery.

We believe that only together we can overcome all difficulties and upheavals. Showing solidarity and unity with the Kazakhstan people, we decided to allocate 2 billion tenge from personal funds, which will be directed to:

- help the families of the victims;

- for the restoration of cities (Almaty and others);

- help affected small businesses.

This step is our voluntary desire to make a real contribution to the restoration of the cities that we love with all our hearts and whose tragedy we mourn.

We have decided to make a personal contribution. Only by trusting each other and joining forces, we can make our country better and achieve a greater effect!

We call on representatives of the business community to unite and join this initiative. It is in our power to restore the former appearance of Kazakhstan cities, restore economic activity, and give a helping hand to people!

We wish people of Kazakhstan a peaceful sky over their heads and good health!” - the appeal says.

“My friends and I finance many charitable projects, both personal and public, Mom's House, Dara and IQanat, and many other projects. However, when big tragedies happen, we recruit each other without talking and decide what can be done. We know each other's reactions in advance and immediately get down to business. The other day, against the backdrop of terrible shots, we phoned again, after talking, after consulting, we decided to allocate 2 billion tenge, we hope this will be enough for many expenditures... Of course, first of all, for the residents of Almaty, the families of the dead and injured, as well as the residents of Shymkent, Taldykorgan, Taraz, and other cities. Let there be fewer tragedies. There is no desire to talk and write a lot, let's unite and support each other,” wrote Aidyn Rakhimbaev on his Instagram page.

 “The moment has come when we all need to unite. Together with my colleagues and friends, we are ready to support our country, our Almaty city, and other cities affected by recent incidents. Recently, we made an open appeal with them, in which we called on the business community of Kazakhstan to unite and support the initiatives announced by our President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. We express our sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of those killed during January events. We sympathize and wish a fast recovery to all those injured. It is very painful to look at what happened to our country. We are convinced that only together we will be able to overcome all difficulties and upheavals,” shared Berik Kaniyev.


Author: Moldir Adamzhan

Translator-editor: Chingiz Smakov

Photo: from the archives of the press services

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