From Hotel Amigo to Europe's most famous art fairs

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the European Union, and also is a city associated with art and antiques, the ideal place to discover the artistic culture of Western Europe. From the antique and flea markets on the doorstep of Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo, in the center of the capital, to the fairs outside the city, art is the place to be.


This summer hotel guests are in luck: they have a great opportunity to go on a real artistic adventure, because from June 19 to 30 two most famous European art fairs will take place: BRAFA (Brussels Art Fair) and TEFAF (The European Fine Art Foundation).

Connoisseurs and admirers of the graceful Hotel Amigo can experience and appreciate art ranging from contemporary talent to viewing classic paintings and exhibits with centuries of history. With both art fairs now taking place one after the other, there's no better place for a few days of art adventure filled with stunning experiences than the Hotel Amigo.

BRAFA – The Brussels Art Fair, founded in 1956, is one of the oldest and most prestigious art fairs in the world. It can be called "an exceptional showcase of rare objects," spanning five thousand years of history, from the Bronze Age to the present day. This year the Brussels Art Fair, which is characterized by the eclecticism and excellence of the works presented - from antiques, archaeological artifacts, sculptures from different ages and peoples, paintings by old masters and contemporary artists to jewelry, furniture, design and many other rare objects, worthy of the world's best museums, received its first visitors on June 19 and will be open until June 26.

Guests staying at Hotel Amigo, a BRAFA partner, receive VIP access to a preview of the exhibition before it opens to the entire public. Hotel guests will be advised on which city exhibitions and attractions to see. Thanks to Mrs. Ahlem Mosaddak, an experienced art concierge at the Hotel Amigo, art lovers will receive the necessary art advice and access to tickets throughout the fair, as well as to other exhibitions around Brussels.

The TEFAF (European Fine Art Foundation) Antiques Fair in Maastricht, the Netherlands, has been postponed, but is back. The famous international exhibition of fine arts, showcasing seven thousand years of art, antiques and design, will open its doors for the 35th time from June 25 to 30 this year.

TEFAF, as one of the world's leading fine art, antiques and design organizations, where trends are set and prices are set, offers international dealers the opportunity to present museum-quality works of all periods and genres to a wide range of collectors and connoisseurs.

On arrival at the Hotel Amigo, guests can book tickets for the TEFAF. The Art Concierge at the Hotel Amigo can easily arrange a visit to this world-famous trade fair: just 125 km away, you're in Maastricht!

The 2022 program includes a total of 243 dealers from 20 countries, such as Bartha Contemporary (UK), Galerie Nicolas Bourriaud (France) and Imperial Art (France).




Author: Moldir Adamzhan
Photos: Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo

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