Hotel Amigo - a home away from home

Located in the very heart of Brussels, the Hotel Amigo is an ideal combination of art, culture, heritage and creativity.


The Hotel Amigo is home to people from all over the world who are away from home. Visitors to Brussels experience world-class art, historical and cultural sites, the financial district and the European Parliament.

The Hotel Amigo always has something very special in mind, and on this occasion, the Hotel Rocco Forte in Brussels, just a few minutes from the Grand Place, gives guests the chance to visit a private workshop, preferred by members of the Belgian, Dutch, Luxembourgian and Swedish royal families, and truly immerse themselves in the magical world of hats. This is where queens and princesses come to add the finishing touches to their perfect outfits.


Renowned haute couture personality Fabienne Delvigne - who designs hats for royalty, celebrities and fashionistas - opens the doors of her precious workshop to Hotel Amigo guests.

Hotel Amigo offers a one-night stay for two in one of its magnificent suites with breakfast for guests to enjoy this exclusive experience. A handwritten invitation by Fabienne Delvigne to visit her studio awaits guests in their room.


Fabienne Delvigne is not only an distinguished artist, but also a generous person who takes real pleasure in sharing her experience.

Hotel Amigo is also the only hotel that offers an immersive experience in the stories of Tintin and vivid characters like Captain Haddock, the ubiquitous Dupont and Dupont detectives or the incredible Bianca Castafiore. Tintin is the hero of a comic book created in 1929 by the Belgian artist Hergé.


The signature Tintin suite is perfect for a couple's stay, and the adjoining room has everything you need for a family vacation as well. The Tintin references, specially selected for Moulinsart's Amigo, fit perfectly with the unique and elegant décor that was designed by Olga Polizzi, Rocco Forte's director of hotel design.  Guests can also admire the drawing signed by Steven Spielberg during his stay at Hotel Amigo, during the release of the movie "Tintin" 10 years ago.

In addition to coloring books and comic books, children can enjoy an unusual "treasure hunt" on the Brussels Comic Book Trail. The Tintin theme continues in the breakfast area, where young guests will find a reading and drawing corner to occupy themselves while enjoying a meal with Tintin-style dishes.


Your trip always comes to a good end when you have chosen the Amigo Hotel.


Author: Moldir Adamzhan

Photo: Rocco Forte Hotels

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