Huvafen Fushi Resort welcomes all guests for Barefoot Thursdays!

The Maldives resort Huvafen Fushi welcomes all guests to Barefoot Thursdays, a weekly evening buffet of traditional and varied Maldivian cuisine.


Celsius hosts Barefoot Thursday evenings every Thursday, where diners can enjoy classic island dishes and appreciate the spicy tastes and smells of the "road of spices", the ancient trading route that led across the Indian Ocean. Add to that the sea breeze and the sound of waves and you have a gastronomic adventure guaranteed!

According to Noel Cameron, general manager of the resort, seafarers have been bringing spices to the remote Indian Ocean islands for more than a thousand years, which have become an integral part of the local gastronomy and flavor. "The Maldives isn't just about snow-white beaches and colorful coral. We also want guests to learn more about island culture, and food is the perfect start for that introduction," he adds.


Whether it's traditional Maldivian dishes like curried fish with turmeric, chilli and coconut or spicy tuna pasta served on fine bread, a relaxed informal ambience and the perfect tropical climate, visitors to Celsius are sure to love this weekly food festival at Huvafen Fushi.

"Barefoot Thursdays" is a themed buffet that is included in the half-passion and full-board meal plans.


Huvafen Fushi is located on the North Male Atoll, a half-hour speedboat ride from Velana International Airport . 44 elegant villas with pools and terraces, top-notch service, a unique underwater spa and the finest restaurants - the attributes of a gourmet vacation that will forever remain in your heart.

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Author: Moldir Adamzhan


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