In Nomadic Traditions

 Our wise ancestors were nomadic because of the harsh living conditions. Modern Kazakhs look for fresh feelings in a change of residence, a chance to overcome difficulties and find harmony with themselves. The urge to be nomadic remained in the Kazakhs' genes. Aliya's Bermukhamedova family is a vivid example of this.   

How do you imagine the image of a modern nomad woman?

She is still wise and strong in spirit! In our society many women have reached the heights in their careers, but the family remains the most important thing for them, and rightly so!

How is your life organized today?

We have been living with my husband's parents for 15 years now, and my life is first of all the life of my mother, my wife, and my daughter! Yes, that's right, my daughter - we don't have in-laws or daughters-in-law. 

Our business is in Dubai and we live there from time to time. The fast-growing metropolis knows how to surprise! But the homeland always calls home! 

Is it difficult to live in two or more countries? 

Not when everything is organized. We fly with children to Dubai only during vacations, as they study in Almaty. Getting to know the language and culture of people close to Kazakhs is a clear advantage of our way of life.  

What do you like most about our country? 

The expanses, the mountains and the forests. And our people are kind and hospitable! I grew up in the Kostanay city. The flavor of strawberries and mushrooms is soothing.

 The fragrance of strawberries and mushrooms, which I picked myself in the forest - an incredibly pleasant memory from my childhood. 

Our media is called Museofnomad, which translates as "muse, inspiration of nomads. What do you think inspired the nomads?

I think it's the same as what we do! Family, children, friends, and homeland! 

A snowdrop breaking through the snow, marking a new life, the arrival of spring, and a field sprinkled with red poppies - isn't that inspiration?!

Photo: from the personal archive of Aliya Bermukhamedova, @aliyah_bm

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