Nomad Soul in the Middle East

Danara Zhamadilova is a blogger who lives in Dubai, who was honored to become Dubai Tourism Ambassador. She received a letter of high appreciation from the UAE Ministry of Culture "For her contribution to the development of the country in 2017. 

Kazakhs, nomads since ancient times, are now settled in megalopolises. And your way of life embodies the spirit of nomads. How is your life organized today? 

Those who view my Instagram post-stories ask the same question: "How do you cope with everything?" Indeed, I am the woman who rocks the cradle with one hand and the world around her with the other. 

I'm a mom of four kids: the oldest is 20 and the youngest is two. My day starts at 5:30 a.m. with picking up lunchboxes for the kids for school. Then I rush to the club and business, to the workshop where our clothing line is sewn. I meet with the partners. The day is scheduled by the minutes. 

The coziest time of the day is the evening with my family, when I put everything aside. It's hugging and kissing time. Thank goodness I have a domestic helper, but the preparation of lunch and dinner is left up to me. 

My personal time is just an hour, with a book in hand by the pool or sports. Although with the arrival of my fourth child, this item has somehow imperceptibly evaporated into the schedule.

What are the peculiarities of living away from your motherland? 

The motherland is not just the place where we were born, the state where we got our feet, the space where it is comfortable to live. The motherland is a part of the soul, a place where one wants to come back, where one can remain oneself. When moving, many choose countries with low crime rate, where medicine, education, mild climate and sea are advanced. 

There are always disadvantages - the language barrier and not knowing the laws of another country, in all the subtleties of speech you can understand only after some time. The national cuisine on another continent is different from his native, and it is a test for the body. You can find an occupation to your liking, but not everyone manages to find a decent income. 

And the people that you are close to when you split up, will they be able to express their kind feelings over the Internet? Like a Skype hug? No..

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