Nomadic Muse

Behind every great man is a great woman. The responsibility his spouse takes on as a son of his people is shared with him by his beloved. What qualities does such a woman possess? 


The main business of Aspet Omarovna's life is to create warmth and comfort in the home, to surround everyone with care and love. She is an inspirer, a friend, an adviser. She was the kind of wife and mother she should have been, and she coped well with her duties as a daughter-in-law. She had great insight and wisdom, inspiring her husband's career growth. With her husband, an honorary citizen of the country, they lived in love and solidarity for almost half a century. They raised four children, hard-working professionals in their respective fields. Aspet recalls that even in her youth her father openly told her: "You're not going to work on par with your husband." 

As a married woman, Aspet was working as a schoolteacher, and she was offered the job of superintendent of studies. Inwardly she was ready, but she decided to take an advice from parents. "How many heads will fit in one cauldron?" - Her father responded to his daughter's message. Aspet didn't immediately understand the meaning of the question, and her mother couldn't stand it and laughed. "This girl wants to be the boss," Dad explained to Mom, "but the heads of two rams are crowded in one cauldron. They never returned to the subject again. Aspet Omarovna still gratefully recalls her father's advice: "It is not ingenuity, it is intelligence.  

Her parents did there best to bring female qualities to their daughter, so that when she married, she would become an assistant and co-worker with her husband. My mother advised: "Wherever you go - to visit, to acquaintances, friends, relatives, say only good things about your husband. Even buying a new dress, say: "Thanks to my husband. Thus you raise his self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Aspet met Bakhyt when she was a student. The girl shone with beauty and manners and was an attractive bride. Bakhyt came from a simple family, a diligent student. They were going to get married upon graduation from the institute. The groom was a junior in his class, and when Aspet received her diploma, he snatched her away. "To be a general's wife, you have to marry a lieutenant, and to be a lieutenant's wife, you have to love a cadet," that saying was just about her. Being the wife of a leader is not an easy duty. How many times I had to move on duty, to change the place of residence, but the wife is always there, always support. Bakhyt Aga became famous as an experienced manager. He was sent to the districts where it was necessary to develop the agro-industry. That was the time when the family experienced all the charms of nomadic life so familiar to the Kazakh people. With every rise in his career Bakhyt Aga understood that his wife had much more difficult task: when husband's responsibility increases - wife's even higher. She must also have enough time for everything: to arrange the house, her appearance, to cheer up her husband and create a positive mood. And a woman has to sacrifice something to create a wonderful friendly family and go through life in peace and harmony. Aspet Omarovna had to sacrifice her career, but she does not complain about it at all.

Aspet Omarovna used to create a festive atmosphere in the house, surrounded her husband with love and care, and always saw him off to work with a smile on her face. Family matters were discussed only in the evening.

In retrospect, Aspet Omarovna realizes that she and her husband had mutual feelings, which the couple carried through all their life together. They never quarreled or raised their voices at each other. Their children grew up in an environment of love, respect and trust. And later they carried these values into their families.

After the death of her beloved husband Aspet Omarovna continues to gather her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren around the common dastarkhan, dedicating these meetings to the memory of her dear husband, arranging children's holidays and happily sharing her memories.

Today, when she is over 75, Aspet Omarovna remains a strong person. She has retained her core, firmness, patience, without losing her femininity, beauty and radiance. Aspet Omarovna is a muse for her children and grandchildren, who are grateful to her for her kind words, edification, attention and wisdom, they are inspired by her and simply love her. Everything that their children received in their childhood is bearing fruit today. Children work for the good of Kazakh society. The family is brought up in the best Kazakh traditions, which have their roots in nomadic culture. 


Author: Nadezhda Sergeeva

Photographer: Daulet Kazhkenov, @dan_smat

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