Places to travel on summer vacation without a visa

A clear day of summer brings a smile. For many, it is the season of travel. Some even plan ahead and look forward to vacations. All vacationers want to spend an unforgettable period when they can devote time to family and focus attention from work on loved ones. And experienced travelers have already prepared a travel bag, familiarizing themselves with the nature and weather of the next country.


Vacation is a wonderful combination of a feeling of freedom and pleasure.  There are a number of countries where freedom is literally available to Kazakhstanis. Some of these have been associated with the years of independence, some have been added to the list this year. Here is a list of countries with open doors for our compatriots.

In the countries of the former Soviet Union, Kazakhstanis can travel freely without a visa for ninety days, i.e. up to three months. These are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.

And from European countries are allowed to travel without a visa to Albania for personal and tourist purposes ninety days, to Serbia - thirty days, to Montenegro - thirty days from April 1 to October 31 this year. Visa-free travel to Barbados in the Caribbean islands for 28 days. 

In South, North and Central America in Argentina and Brazil also a month, in Costa Rica and Colombia with a tourist purpose - ninety days, in Ecuador - thirty days a year visa-free regime.

In Asia, Hong Kong and Oman allow only 14 days of domestic residence, Qatar, Malaysia, UAE, South Korea and the Maldives for 1 month for tourist purposes. In Mongolia and Turkey this time is extended to ninety days. For African countries there is a possibility of unlimited visa-free travel to Namibia and the Seychelles.

If you do not have time to apply for a visa before the holiday season, do not worry, choose one of the above countries and happily meet the sunny summer days.


Author: Asel Dazhan

Photo: Dana Urazova

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