The Color of Mood - Milaidhoo!

The Maldives resort Milaidhoo has prepared a new series of "Mood Dining" proposals in which cooking is intertwined with wellness. The basis is the theory that certain foods can have a beneficial effect on body chemistry and, in turn, change a person's mood. MIlaidhoo invites guests to dining on deserted sandbanks in the middle of the ocean, on the beaches or in the luxury of their own villas.


"Moods" features 'Rise and Shine', 'Get into the Milaidhoo Mood', 'Deep Sleep' and 'Revitalise and Reset' packages. It consists of carefully selected food and beverages combined with wellness treatments to restore energy, improve concentration and even help you cope with brain fog and anxiety after experiencing Covid-19.


The "Let Everything Be Milaidu" package is suitable for those who want to quickly cope with the change of time zones and get into a festive mood. It begins with a 60-minute African TheraNaka Awakening Massage at Serenity Spa. In addition to the massage, this option includes breathing techniques to awaken the senses and relax the body and mind, followed by a session of breathing practices with a local yogi.

"Total Reset" is specifically for those experiencing Covid-19 related health issues such as burnout, anxiety and breathing problems. It includes a wellness program lasting two to four days. Brain fatigue and anxiety will go away after a 30-minute breathing workshop.


The "Deep Sleep" package will help you improve your routine and get the most restful sleep possible at night. The program begins in the evening hours with a 90-minute soothing Swedish massage to physically relax the entire body and relieve muscle tension. Moonlight meditation on the terrace of the villa to calm and slow down mental activity. The evening ends with an aromatic candlelit bath to help lower your body temperature and allow you to fall asleep quickly.

The "Wake and Sing" program allows guests to feel healthy and full of energy. The day begins with an early individual yoga class in a specially designed pavilion, a half-hour mud bath to relieve muscle pain, a visit to the steam room, a hot shower and a 45-minute TheraNaka Vigor back massage, all before breakfast. This is followed by a healthy breakfast of fresh tropical fruits, yogurt, seeds, nuts, caviar, smoked salmon and other island delicacies.


Milaidhoo Island Maldives is a tiny island resort whose hallmark is a commitment to local tradition. The hotel is a member of The Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The 50 modern pool villas, designed by a local architect in traditional Maldivian style, have everything you need for an unforgettable holiday. This stunning location makes all desires come true!


Author: Moldir Adamzhan

Photos: @milaidhoo

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