Ethno motifs

Ethnically-inspired garments are reflected in modern, vibrant and challenging designs and have taken their rightful place in the fashion world.

Changing with the innovative fashion market, ethnicity has made its mark on the modern man. Properly chosen accessories and elements in clothing design add national colours to the image.

The editors of Muse of Nomad have compiled a collection of clothing details that lend the right amount of polish and integrity to a cosmopolitan outfit.


Jewellery in national style - shashbau (ribbons with adornments to be plaited into plaits), bracelets, shekelik (a temporal pendant to be worn on the headdress), pendant and earrings will make its owner noticeable both among friends and at a social gathering.


Though the hat is not going to leave the trend, you can combine it with a tubeteika in national style in your daily image. The tubeteika can be worn even for a festive evening by choosing the colour and fabric.

Chapan. Kahekei.

Thanks to the quality of products and the courage of combinations of modern chapan and waistcoats in the national style (kakekei), unexpected combinations of outerwear replaces the classic trench coats and jackets in the wardrobe,

The belt

The Kazakh-style belt and embroidered patterns will change your evening gown.


Deciding to add an ethnic touch to your wardrobe, look for the perfect accessory. A brooch or a bag will be a winning choice.


Author: Nadezhda Sergeyeva 

Illustrator: Assem Omarova @assem.dreamer

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