Abay - Himalayas

August 10 is the birthday of the main Kazakh poet - Abay Kunanbayuly. This day is celebrated as "Day of Abai" throughout the country. It was officially approved by a government decree in 2020, on the eve of the 175th anniversary of the Kazakh thinker.


Abay is the founder of the Kazakh written literature. Its rich heritage is a national treasure. From the nature of a wide field, the genius who recorded the human qualities of each inhabitant, the disease of society and its cure, the future of the nation, has done significant work for literature and culture.

If you are spiritually open - read Abai! If you want to equalize your height - read Abai! His dark words are a reliable guide on the path to becoming a “whole person”, can point you in the right direction if you are lost and comfort you if you are struggling. This is a unique signature of Hakim Abai. He sang his love for his people “My Kazakh, my great people, my great people” and formed a unique expression.

On the occasion of Abay Day, a number of events are planned in Almaty this year. According to the press service of the city administration, today wreaths will be laid at the monument to the poet on Abay Square. Also, theater artists perform a number of works by the poet in the metro.
An exhibition of exhibits from the fund of the Abai Museum-Reserve "Zhidebai-Borili" will open in the Almaty Museum. The Alatau Theater will host a concert "The Sun After Sunrise". The choir and orchestra perform "Kozym Karsy", "Hello, Kalamkas", "Tatiana's Song", "The Mountain Rises in the Darkness" and other songs.

On the occasion of the poet's birthday, the state concert organization "Kazakhconcert" begins a tour "Unity of the country - New Kazakhstan" in Semey, in the homeland of Abay. A round table dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Mukhtar Auezov "The World of Auezov" will be held at the State Historical, Cultural and Literary-Memorial Museum-Reserve of Abay "Zhidebai-Borili". Also, the creative team of "Kazakhconcert" will meet with representatives of the local intelligentsia. In addition, a press conference and a gala concert "Uly Dala - Uly Abai" are planned. A series of events dedicated to the Day of Abai in Semipalatinsk will end on August 17 with a concert of the State Philharmonic named after Amir Kashaubayev "Kalyns elim kazagym kayran dzhanodymym".

Abai - Himalayas. This equation was found by Mukagali Makataev, the muzbagal of Khantanira. Today, this word clearly shows the place of Abai in Kazakh society.

It is our duty as a generation to contribute to his creativity and to embody his will, paying tribute to the spirit of genius, which has become the property of our people. Happy Abai Day!
Author: Moldir Adamzhan
Photo: from the archive of the press service

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