Kok Tobe. The highest point

What tourist attraction is Almaty primarily associated with? We think if we were to interview 100 Kazakhstanis, 70 people would name the park Kok Tobe. Director Sagyndyk Salimuly spoke about the park's history, as well as its present and future.

Kok Tobe Park is not just a point of attraction for Almaty residents and guests of the city but also a tangible symbol of our country. After all, Kok Tobe is not only the mountain charm, fresh, clean air, and a sense of freedom; it is also a place for meeting friends, walking with lovers, relaxing with children, and just having a good time. Important to note that to plunge into that oasis, you do not need to go anywhere; the park is almost in the city's center.

The location of this place is unique. You can get to Kok Tobe from the center in just six minutes. From the height of 1100 meters above sea level, the city's best view opens up, which one can admire from several viewing platforms. By the way, the "air of freedom" in the case of Kok Tobe is not a metaphor. You can breathe deeply in the park; it is not called "the kingdom of mountain air in the middle of the metropolis" for nothing.

The trademark of Kok Tobe is a cable car. They started the construction in 1965, laying the foundation of the lower station next to the Palace of the Republic. In September 2014, the cable car was closed to the public to create a new one and reconstruct the north side of the mountain and the park. This large-scale project has fulfilled its objectives: visitors are now safe and can enjoy the garden and cable car all year round. The supplier of the cable car is the French concern ROMA; the gondola cabins were produced by the world-famous French company Sigma. The cable car's construction and the park's renovation were completed in 2016.

Before the name "Kok Tobe," the mountain bore the surname of a wealthy merchant and was called "Verigina Gora" (From Russian: Verigina Mountain). Verigina Mountain was mapped and described in brochures for tourists in the 19th century. Residents of Verny (the old name of Almaty) often rested here, hosted picnics and May Days, gathered snowdrops, and went sledding and skiing in winter.

In general, Mount Kok Tobe has a rich history. Since ancient times, the lands around it were part of the powerful Wusun empire, which fell due to internal strife and raids by the Huns. For a long time, the top of the mountain was part of the lands of Zholbarys Khan. On its top, under the banner, military council members gathered and decided on the strategies for protecting their native land.

Only some people know you can get to Kok Tobe by cable car. You can climb the mountain along a picturesque path from the Kok Tobe bus stop and at the parking lot in front of the restaurant complex.

Many events are scheduled for 2023 in Kok Tobe. Starting in May, we organize open-air film screenings, dance evenings with the Royal Club, and outdoor yoga classes. In the summer, a Nike Run Club run and children's concerts are planned, and every Wednesday, a show from Almaty TV will be held at our site. We are organizing an event dedicated to Bastille Day with the French Consulate. Also, on our territory, there will be an open-air music festival of the opera "Almaty Kok-Tobe Opera" and many other events.

The park is currently undergoing significant changes. Many attractions are being renovated; for example, the Fast Coaster will be modernized: new sleds will be installed, and the route length will increase from 770 to 1,100 meters. Work has begun on constructing the Congress Hall - a large pavilion for business events, meetings, meetings, and conferences. In addition, a new, improved Upside Down House and Rope Park are about to open their doors once again.

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