A polyglot creating harmony in multiple fields

Gaukhar Kapparova is a shining example of a modern businesswoman. She began her journey in retail in 2000. Initially, this sphere was like a Terra Incognita for her. Still deciding to try, Gaukhar invited her friend Gulnara Dosaeva to be her partner. She is now a co-founder and vice president of the company "G&G Glamour" and founder of the charity fund "Dara," married. They opened the first MaxMara franchising store in Kazakhstan.

Faithful friends run their business to this day. Today, Gaukhar Kapparova manages radically different assets - from luxury brand clothing to oil production.

  1. How do you find the strength and energy to develop several diverse businesses at the same time?

Successful management of several businesses simultaneously requires a deep understanding of each. The foundation for me is my partnership with Gulnara Dosaeva, with whom we have been friends for over 30 years. We have created a good company where people have worked for many years; it still thrives today. Such lifelong friendship is very rare, and I value it greatly. We make decisions about our business together - our vision and opportunity to complement each other in solving issues help us make the correct and balanced decisions.

It also contributes to the development of our society and the economy as a whole. This motivation gives me the energy to move forward despite all the difficulties.

GAUKHAR KAPPAROVA - co-founder and CEO of G&G Glamour - a leading fashion retailer in Kazakhstan for 20 years, distributor of Italian fashion houses: FENDI, MaxMara, Sergio Rossi, Weekend, and Marina Rinaldi, shareholder of JSC "Lancaster Group Kazakhstan," member of YPO Kazakhstan, graduated Executive MBA program at Harvard Business School in 2017, co-founder of the "Nurlan Kapparov Public Foundation"; co-founder of the "Nurlan Kapparov Graduate Scholarship Fund" at the Harvard Kennedy School of Public Administration; trustee of the educational project for rural schools "IQanat."

She was the editor-in-chief of L'Officiel Kazakhstan magazine and is the editor of LUX magazine (London, UK). She speaks five languages - Kazakh, Russian, English, Italian, and French.


  1. What is the source of your strength?

The source of my strength lies in the harmony between three main aspects of my life: constant self-improvement, a healthy lifestyle, and a deep belief that my work is valuable to society.

Education also plays a crucial role in my life. Graduating from Harvard was not the endpoint; instead, it opened the doors to a world of constant self-education and self-improvement. This thirst for knowledge allows me to develop, learn, and take examples from other people.


  1. What qualities should a woman possess in our time?

In our rapidly changing world, the qualities a woman should possess are determined mainly by universal values and unique elements of culture and traditions. In Kazakhstan, we value family, respect for elders, and a deep understanding of cultural heritage. A woman who respects traditions can simultaneously be a source of inspiration for preserving and developing national culture and identity.

  1. What women inspire you?

Many women from various spheres of life inspire me. Still, if I choose one, I would mention Sheryl Kara Sandberg - an American entrepreneur working as COO at Facebook since 2008. Since June 2012, she has been a member of the company's board of directors, the first woman on the board of directors in the history of Facebook. Her unwavering determination, innovative approach, and desire to make positive changes in the world are my source of inspiration.

  1. What word do you associate with a woman?

"Harmony." This word encompasses many qualities and aspects. Harmony reflects women's ability to balance family life and career, personal interests and caring for others, and strength and softness. Women often find themselves at the center of social, familial, and professional relationships, maintaining stability and development, providing comfort and well-being, inspiring progress, and supporting their environment under challenging times.

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