Fashion is an Art That Embodies Creativity and Self-Expression

  Liliya Rakh has been at the forefront of the fashion industry in Kazakhstan since 1988 and is rightfully considered one of its pillars. She was the one who opened the doors to luxury clothing brands in Kazakhstan, introducing elements of  luxury and elegance and helping people understand the power of style and the importance of taste in combining outfits. She shared her thoughts on the state of the Kazakhstani fashion sphere and the fashion world. She touched on the qualities that modern women and those who inspire them should possess.

My assessment of the Kazakhstani fashion sphere raises concern. The market is oversaturated with people claiming to be designers but missing necessary education, talent, or intuition. This poses a severe challenge to the fashion industry development. There is also a limited choice of fabrics, leading to uniformity in the collections of domestic brands. The lack of innovative ideas and creative diversity leaves a feeling of disappointment. As an expert, I believe it is essential to support talented individuals and provide them with opportunities for professional growth.

Fashion is considered both art and business. It embodies creativity and self-expression but can also be a successful business. Art and business in fashion are interconnected, and a skillful combination of these two aspects allows both to create and achieve commercial success. It is a unique opportunity to live in art and develop one’s business wisely.

The qualities that a woman should possess in our time include inner freedom, intellect, wisdom, love for the world and its people, compassion, acceptance, mutual understanding, courage, audacity, and, most importantly – patience. “Sabır” (‘patience’, from Kazakh), a powerful force and protection in trying times, is the foundation of a woman’s strength. I believe the external world reflects our inner state, so it is vital to always care for ourselves, like caring for a delicate flower blooming inside each of us.

Among the women who inspire me, I’d like to highlight Princess Diana with her inner strength. Coco Chanel, Sheikha Moza, Grace Kelly, Frida Kahlo, Queen Rania of Jordan, Meryl Streep, George Sand, and Marlene Dietrich are also impressive. They embody beauty, strength, styleand creativity, making them imposing personalities. I especially want to point outthe movie Queen of the Desert about Gertrude Bell, inspiriting with protagonist’sincredible life story and self-creation as a person.


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