Great Women of the Steppe: Sacred Mausoleums and Their Histories

 Voyaging through the sacred places associated with the great women of the steppe will be a unique experience. It will allow you to feel the spirit of history and immerse yourself in the world of ancient traditions and legends. Passed down to us for millennia, these places reveal the history of the nomadic elite and preserve the memory of the great women who had a significant influence on the culture and spirit of their people.

 Aisha Bibi mausoleum is one of such symbols of steppe nomadic love and devotion. Located 20 kilometers west of Taraz, this astonishing museum object, adorned with 62 different ornaments, is dated to the 12th century. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the mausoleum symbolizes faithful love and infinite beauty. Today, it is a pilgrimage site for many women dreaming of children and couples that often step onto the pedestal, nurturing their cherished dreams and sacred desires.

 Another historical artifact, mausoleum of Babaji Khatun, stands near the mausoleum of Aisha Bibi. Built by order of Karakhan Baba, it became a place of memory and reverence for the nanny and mentor of Aisha Bibi, who faithfully watched over the mausoleum of her pupil.

 Mausoleum of Domalak Ana, located in the South Kazakhstan region, is another remarkable place. This mausoleum is dedicated to Nurila Ali Sylankyzy, the legendary mother and third wife of the wise leader Baidibek Karashuly. “Domalak Ana'' means ‘Holy Mother’ and is associated with high moral fortitude and wisdom. The mausoleum’s history dates back to the 15th century when Domalak Ana’s grandson Dughlat (UlyZhuz) began construction at her burial site. Since then, the mausoleum has been restored several times and now looks modern after the latest reconstruction under the architectural project by S.Tokhtamys. Today, the mausoleum is a magnificent structure, repeatedly restored and possessing a unique architectural appearance.

Baidibek Bi, husband of Domalak Ana, is the ancestor of Alban, Suwan, Sary-Uysin, Dughlat, Shapyrashty, Ysty, and Oshaqty tribes and clans.

These sacred places, surrounded by legends and stories, carry the spirit of the great women of the steppe, their wisdom, devotion, and beauty. Visiting these mausoleums will allow you to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere and admire the greatness of the historical heritage of nomadic peoples.

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