Lifelong Duet — Business and Family

Damir Kumarbek and Raushan Gaissina are not just a married couple but also an example of a strong business tandem. Together, they have been developing the Gaissina brand for 15 years, which has evolved from a small showroom into one of Kazakhstan's most recognizable fashion companies. The brand's designers carefully follow the fashion runways of Europe and the USA, adapting current trends to the tastes and preferences of Kazakhstani consumers.

Damir and Raushan are raising five children together and have also opened 11 Gaissina fashion clothing stores, which are successfully operating in major cities of Kazakhstan, such as Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Atyrau, Aktobe, and Aktau.

Gaissina positions itself as a brand in the mid-price segment, making fashionable clothing accessible to a wide range of customers. Only high-quality materials and accessories are used to produce items, and experienced technicians carefully monitor the sewing and fitting of the products. As a result, the end consumer receives not only fashionable and practical clothing but also a brand that considers the specifics of Kazakhstan's climate, mentality, and tastes.

The brand history. The Gaissina brand's journey began with a small showroom Raushan founded in her youth. Before getting married, Damir already had experience running businesses in various industries: a flower shop, a car wash, and auto parts. However, after starting a family, he realized he was more drawn to aesthetics and decided to become his wife's partner, choosing the fashion industry.

Raushan: When I had just a small boutique in Megatau shopping center, I was talking to a client who owned an advertising agency. Now, I don't remember what year it was, but she offered to make a signboard for me —- I already had bags with the family name printed by then. At that time, it was less popular to name your business after yourself, and honestly, Gaissina sounded much better. I don't even respond to the brand name as if it were my surname anymore. Gaissina is like my firstborn: I didn't know what and how to do it right, but I listened to my intuition, which led us to fame.

I started my journey with children's clothing and dealt with entirely different types of clothing. But apparel is what always interested me. Looking at the clothes, I can easily imagine what kind of girl would be in this dress, sweater, etc. For me, the choice of clothing is the individualization of each person because everyone has their style, figure, and taste. We ensure that every our visitor can fully satisfy their style desires.

For me, Gaissina is not just a clothing store; it represents a women's corner where every woman can reveal her multifaceted nature. After all, clothes are our business card. Our ancestors said: "Adam körki – şüberek," "Kïimine qarap qarsı al, aqılına qarap şığarıp sal," meaning "Clothes adorn a man," and "People judge by appearance, but respect intellect." Therefore, our team's goal and mission are to express every woman's individuality in our looks. If you trace the history of any nation, you can notice that each of them has its national clothing. And in it, every girl finds her unique look, revealing her individuality. Famous brands have become available to everyone, and designers worldwide are inspired to create their products.

Since we work directly with a female audience, the women's plight is very close to me. A modern Kazakh woman, and not only her –- any woman from any corner of the world – is full-fledged and multifaceted. She can simultaneously build her happiness and care for herself, prioritizing her values. At the same time, she is gentle and feminine, which is inherent in every woman by nature. 

Relationship between husband and wife. Damir is a native of Almaty. He graduated from Central Asian University and immediately started his own business. Raushan was born in the city of Zhanatas and moved with her family to Almaty when she was a child. She graduated from RMK with honors and entered Turan University. After completing her studies, she developed her own business in the fashion industry.

Fate brought them together in 2007. The couple dated for three years and then got married in 2012. The warmest memory for Damir is their first dates, when he and his future wife rode bicycles together. And for Raushan, the day they had an accident together is memorable. "We had been dating for half a year, and that's when the accident happened. Damir ended up in the hospital, and the worst part was that I was the one driving. At that moment, I was terrified that Damir would file a complaint with the police against me, so I took care of him, brought him food, and looked after him. When I was called to the traffic police to pay the fine, I discovered that Damir had not filed a complaint against me and even helped ensure I didn't lose my driver's license. I am endlessly grateful to him for this, and I am glad that this story has a happy ending," says Raushan with excitement.

Damir appreciates his wife's wisdom, which is apparent in everything: at work, at home, in relationships between people, especially in the family. The most beloved trait of the husband for the wife is that he is very active. He knows how to turn thoughts into actions quickly. Raushan gives a simple example from everyday life: "To go skiing, I need to gather my thoughts; I think: 'Oh, I need to dress/wash/buy gloves for the kids,' but Damir just starts getting ready. In this regard, he complements me."

The distribution of roles in family life is also one of the crucial components of their life together. The couple came to a joint decision and chose the traditional format. The man is the family's rock, and the wife is the creator of coziness. At work, Raushan delegated all management and operational tasks to her husband. At the same time, at home, she took on the responsibility of managing the household. The main principle in the family is that work stays at the office. As soon as they cross the threshold of their home, they are husband and wife, focusing all their attention on the children.

Whenever Damir has free time, he dedicates it to his family and quality leisure activities: skiing, cycling, and reading books. The couple asserts that finding time for work, household chores, and family is possible.

The role of mother and father. Birth of children. Becoming a mother, Raushan felt financial responsibility. After all, before, all her focus was only on herself, and all plans were related to her comfort and desires. After marriage, she committed to share her life with her husband. After the birth of their first child, she clearly understood what family meant. Becoming a mother, she began saving money for her children's future to create the best conditions for them. Raushan tenderly shares that after the birth of her child, she unfolded in motherhood, became more feminine, and began to understand the nature of women more profoundly. She sincerely believes that motherhood is genetically inherent in every girl. She joyfully declares that she has found fulfillment in having a loving husband and beloved children.

First of all, parenthood is a great responsibility for the kind of person the child will become. We would very much like our children, when they grow up, to engage in what drives them, says the couple. Damir also believes that fatherhood mobilizes masculine qualities and makes them move forward. After all, the responsibility for the quality of life lies on the shoulders of men — husbands and fathers.

Productive joint work in business has allowed them to scale in Kazakhstan and plan expansion beyond its borders. Family and business for Damir and Raushan are one whole. Five children and 11 stores are their primary motivation and inspiration.


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