Qazaq Auyl. Alone with nature

Aesthetics is an abstract concept, but in Kazakhstan, there is at least one of its material embodiments: the Qazaq Auyl Hotel.

Hotel is home

High, high in the mountains, or rather, at the level of the legendary Medeu, there is an architectural ensemble of buildings at the junction of the styles of nomadism and Scandinavia. This ensemble is the high-mountain complex Qazaq Auyl. Nearby, by the way, is a spectacular restaurant building built back in 1976, but that is a story for another day.

The development of the hotel concept began during the pandemic 2020. Actually, the "imprisonment" in which we all found ourselves during covid led the Qazaq Auyl team to think about how valuable the opportunity to be in harmony with nature is for us. Initially, tents or transparent dome houses were supposed to appear on the territory of the Kazakh auyl (Kazakh: village), but in the end, they came up with the best option - all-season eco-houses designed in permanent structures. Closeness to nature, in their case, are not just words: only natural materials were used for their construction.

The vibe of modernity

Sixteen modular houses - for any recreation format: five - with two rooms, eleven - with one. A wooden path connects all homes, and they share a terrace with the restaurant. In addition to the conventional comforts of a hotel in this class - Wi-Fi, a mini-bar, a safe, luxurious double beds, and an I-can't-breathe view of the mountains - each house has its own sauna. Once again: absolutely every home is equipped with a sauna. If you haven't rushed to book a room yet, let us give you a little encouragement: the breathtaking Instagram view is not an advertising ploy and not the privilege of the guests of a couple of houses: the homes are placed in such a way, that the Kim Asar Gorge is visible to everyone.

There is perfect harmony between nature and the buildings: the shape of the houses repeats the outlines of the mountains so that the ceiling is as high as possible. The view of these same mountains opens immediately from the entrance through the stained-glass windows.

A visit to the Ayul restaurant will help make your vacation completely unforgettable. Its founders are AB Restaurants, the country's largest restaurant chain. All dishes are based only on local and seasonal ingredients, so a gastronomic immersion into the life of nomads is assured. As a bonus - the opportunity to dine while enjoying a bird's eye view of the mountains. Where, if not here, should a nomad look for his muse?

Of course, hotel guests are not limited to strictly contemplative and culinary hedonism. In summer, they offer a bicycle track; in winter - skiing and snowboarding. Three hundred and fifty-six days a year, there is horseback riding, paragliding, quad bikes, mountain climbing, a rope park, a climbing wall, and much more.

Image of the future

The concept of Qazaq Ayul is fundamentally different from the concept of a classic hotel. Each eco-house guarantees unity with nature. Absolutely everything uses only environmentally friendly technologies and processes. Qazaq Auyl and its guests are always in harmony with the outside world.

Author: Igor Toporkov

Photo: Qazaq Ayul Hotel


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