Christian Dior: 7 rules about the brand

Dior is a popular luxurious brand that needs no introduction. Everyone really knows about it. We have collected a few extinguishing facts that you may not have heard.

Fact 1.

"Women will help you - through them you will achieve wealth and fame." Christian Dior's worldwide recognition was predicted by a fortune-teller when he was only 14 years old. Years later, there appeared a personal fortune-teller. He did not make any major decisions without Madame Delaye.

Fact 2.

The Christian Dior brand never existed as the fashion designer. Throughout his career, Dior was a salaried employee. Legally, the brand belonged to the fabricator Marcel Boussac, with whom the couturier founded the fashion house in 1946.

Fact 3.

The first collection, dubbed the New Look, burst victoriously into the world of post-war fashion. A woman is not a battle buddy in a blazer. Flared skirts and figure-accentuating jackets returned ladies' desire to please and attract attention. For Europe, suffocated by the war, Dior's outfits were the beginning of a new era.

Fact 4.

The brand was one of the first to apply licensing agreements in the fashion business. Ten years after the founding Christian Dior salons had already been working in 24 countries.

Fact 5.

Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferré, Raf Simons. In different years they were the main fashion designers of Dior. All three founded their own brands of clothing and accessories.

Fact 6.

Christian Dior is not only clothing, but also accessories, cosmetics, watches, and even cell phones. The brand achieved a great success in perfumery. Dior perfume takes the 4th place in the world by sales volume.

Fact 7.

Dior takes care of the environment. For example, one third of all lip glosses consist of recycled materials. And the share of natural ingredients in cosmetics exceeds 80 percent.

Author: Amina Manaeva

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