Rocco Forte Hotels: Embodiment of Luxury and Heritage in Unique Hotels Worldwide

The family business of Rocco Forte Hotels is not just a collection of luxurious hotels; it is history woven into every stone and facade of majestic buildings. The company has become the epitome of hospitality and luxury. It was founded by Sir Rocco Forte and his sister Olga Polizzi in 1996 and encompasses 14 unique hotels, resorts, and villas.

Sir Rocco Forte shares: "We have a clear and distinct business strategy. We have focused on luxurious hotels in the continent's largest cities and built a system of attentive yet unobtrusive service in them. We knew how we wanted to see our business from the beginning. We decided that each hotel would be managed independently of the others. Thanks to the efforts of my sister Olga Polizzi, co-founder of the group and design director, each hotel reflects the unique features of the city in which it is located. But in each of them, you can feel the influence of the family - the driving force behind any business. We have remained true to these principles for all twenty years of our work. It is in these values that we are different from other hotel chains."

Luxury and attention to detail are integral to each of the Rocco Forte hotels. From spacious rooms with exquisite designs to exquisite restaurants serving dishes from the highest-quality local produce, every element is created to satisfy even the most discerning guests' tastes.

The most crucial distinction of Rocco Forte is that behind each hotel stands a family. Family ties permeate all aspects of the business - from management to guest service. This creates an atmosphere of comfort and trust, making staying at Rocco Forte hotels unique and unforgettable.

Today, Rocco Forte Hotels continues to expand while preserving its unique atmosphere of luxury, individuality, and hospitality. Each new hotel, each new location, is a new chapter in the Forte family's history and a new opportunity to offer guests unforgettable experiences and weave into them a piece of their own history.

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