Parure Atelier: expanding the horizons of jewelry art

Parure Atelier is not just an international brand. It’s a design studio that creates truly unique gemstone jewelry. Just if you take a look at them, it is impossible to pass by: the fascinating beauty created by nature itself makes one stop in admiration. Sapphires are so blue, just like the sky over the steppe, and emeralds are so lush green, that they never leave anyone indifferent.

Cornflower sapphires, pigeon blood rubies, and emerald gardens are not some metaphors from poetry: they are professional terms from the world of precious stones. It is a completely different reality that endlessly surprises us. Technologies are rapidly evolving, values are changing, but legendary gemstones still evoke reverent delight among connoisseurs, as they did hundreds of years ago.

Parure Atelier acquires the most exquisite crystals from all over the world to then match them with suitable settings that do justice to them. The jewelers of the studio create not only pret-a-porter jewelry but also bespoke pieces, sometimes even entire parures that become family heirlooms. By the way, the brand's name comes from the French word “parure” – “a set of jewelry pieces united by artistic style”.

The brand offers natural minerals only. Unlike artificial crystals that all look alike, stones from the depths of the earth are unique. They can even be identified by their inclusions inside, like a person can be identified by a fingerprint. Sometimes it's hard to believe that their extraordinary color is nature's creation.

For example, Paraíba tourmalines, discovered only in 1987, impress with their neon-bright shades. Legendary emeralds, mined in Colombia since ancient civilizations, have such an amazing color that they look like they can glow. One look is enough to understand why rulers and wise people of the past from the Middle East to Europe admired them. In the Parure Atelier collection, there are jewelry pieces with more than ten types of stones: spinels, opals, aquamarines, pink, yellow, and blue diamonds, and many others.

Since Parure Atelier opened in Almaty and Astana, precious gemstones have become more accessible, as the brand offers elite jewelry without a markup for a well-known name. The boutiques opened in the luxurious St. Regis hotel in Astana and the picturesque "Villa Boutiques & Restaurants" in Almaty. Since then, the brand has been entertaining its clients with pleasant soirées and lectures.

Finding something worthy is not easy, and it's even harder to achieve the optimal balance between price and quality. To do this, the company employs gemologists. Specialists sift through hundreds of options, only selecting the most high-potential specimens. The office in Bangkok, an influential center of the gemstone trade, helps to keep abreast of market opportunities. Managers maintain relationships with 60 suppliers worldwide to be able to catch something worthwhile.

Any person knowledgeable about the jewelry market knows that not all companies provide certificates for stones. That's why Parure Atelier quickly gained a high reputation: the brand acquires stones verified by respected laboratories such as GIA, GRS, and Gübelin. Upon request, clients receive diamond and gemstone reports detailing all characteristics: clarity, weight, color, quality. Thanks to this, it is possible to find, for example, a large and good diamond at a reasonable price.

The benefits were appreciated not only by jewelry connoisseurs in Kazakhstan but also in the United Arab Emirates. In the summer of 2023, Parure Atelier opened its doors in Dubai. The boutique in the urban City Walk immediately caught the attention of the "big four" aficionados: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, as well as sensational Paraíba tourmalines, trendy morganites, and many other stones. The language of beauty is universal: the quality of the jewelry and the stones are in no way inferior to what famous companies offer.

Dubai made international shipping possible for the brand. Bright gemstone statement jewelry is now more in demand than ever: fashion magazines have been noting this for several years in a row. Therefore, it is not surprising that interest has sparked in other countries as well.

The jewelry design studio has created a SOLAR collection, inspired by desert and the East in all its variety of shades, tastes, aromas, jewelry and architectural codes. It includes ring bracelets resembling Kazakh “бес блезік”, intricate cuffs, anklets, snake earrings, body chains. This event became a homage to oriental cultures and lands, from which the exciting journey began, expanding horizons for Parure Atelier.

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