Source of Inspiration: Women’s Mission in the Modern World

  Zhanna Kan is a philanthropist, arts patron, entrepreneur, official Damiani and La Perla distributor, founder of Zardozi and Constella brands, Alto Club community, and Senior Club for ages 60+. Her team, the Zhanna Kan Group, is actively engaged in charity and organizing events that contribute to society.

 All her activities are directly related to women. Working in the jewelry and fashion industry, she has united her mission of serving this world through women. After all, a woman's image is a mirror of society. We talked to her about women, starting with their mission and ending with the question of inspiration.

 How would you formulate your mission?

 My mission is to help women believe that being a woman is really cool. For life, like the sea, brings waves of various challenges, but a flame of inner strength and optimism burns in every woman's heart, ready to illuminate the dark waters of uncertainty.Each of my projects is aimed at helping women to gain self-confidence, to see their own beauty and strength that make them unique.

 How to cope when life gets hard?

 Times can be tough, but I adhere to the principle: “This too shall pass.”I see everything life presents as new opportunities. In the Chinese language, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters, one representing danger and the other, opportunity. So, always remember: every situation or person on our path is an experience, a teacher given to you to let you improve yourself. I look at everything with optimism.

 In your opinion, what qualities should a woman possess in our time?

 Wisdom! One must also be flexible, empathetically adaptive, and resourceful. A woman is a source of inspiration for her environment, so she must develop, never stand still, and motivate others. We must understand that we have a critical mission: we give birth to and raise children, and children are the future. What they become depends on us; we build the future by shaping their values and worldview.

 Moreover, a woman is a source of inspiration for men, the keeper of the hearth. The weather, bothin the house and in society, largely depends on her. A woman should never forget that she is a source of love, motivation, and support for both the family and society as a whole.

 Who among women inspires you?

 Edith Eva Eger inspires me. She is a woman who survived all the horrors of a concentration camp but did not lose her faith or humanity. Her memoir entitled The  Choice, published in 2017, became an international bestseller. Thirty-five years after the end of the war, having become a well-known psychologist, Edith returned to Auschwitz to rid herself of memories of the past and the survivor’s guilt. Edith intersperses events of her personal journey with touching stories of those she has helped heal. In her ninety-five, she continues serving, giving, inspiring, motivating, and healing souls. Inspiration is not just a word; it’s a way of life. The book of such a wonderful woman will inspire many.

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