The path to success in the world of cookery

Dmitrii Dulov is the brand chef of the More&More restaurant brand, part of the Sun Group Asia holding, in Almaty and Baku. His interest in cooking originates from childhood: he helped his mother cook on family holidays, and this hobby turned into a vocation. 

Dmitrii began his professional career at the age of 16 and his talent has been delighting guests for more than 20 years. He headed a restaurant in Tashkent, then became the brand chef of the More&More restaurant in Almaty. In two years, his restaurant has won the hearts of guests and has become one of the most popular places in the city. Now Dmitrii works for two countries – Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, where a new institution is planned to open soon.

Choosing dishes for the menu is a creative process for Dmitrii. Ideas can arise in the most unexpected moments: at the sight of table ware, on the market, when choosing ingredients. He always strives to emphasize the taste of the main ingredient and experiments with product combinations.

The ingredients quality plays a key role in his work, especially when it comes to seafood, which is offered at the More&More restaurant. This is one of the difficult tasks that Dmitrii successfully resolves, selecting the freshest products.

Tableware also plays an important role in serving dishes. For Dmitrii, this is not just a container – it is part of the overall harmony. He parallels the choice of dinnerware with the choice of a picture frame: it should complement and emphasize the dish, thereby creating a pleasant atmosphere for the meal. 

True happiness for Dmitrii is to see empty plates, satisfied faces of guests and positive food reviews. He is proud of his work and always strives for excellence, paying attention to every detail.

All this passion and dedication to the chef's profession make Dmitrii an inspiring example for young chefs who see him not only as a talented specialist, but also as a mentor ready to share his experience and knowledge.

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