Manas epic published in German

A collection of the epic Manas, depicted as a comic book, has been published in German, the German embassy in Kyrgyzstan said. 


The epic Manas is a masterpiece of classic Kyrgyz literature, as well as a treasure of the Turkic peoples. As a fine example of oral literature, the dastan has been passed down through the generations through tales preserved in the memory of the people for centuries. One sample of the written version contains about half a million lines. This is twenty times the volume of Homer, including the Odyssey and the Iliad, and twice the volume of the Mahabharata.



In the framework of the 30th anniversary of Kyrgyz-German diplomatic relations, we have conceived something special. This is the epic Manas in German, depicted in comic book form! We were very happy to hold the newly published collection in our hands! Stay tuned!" the embassy said in a statement.


Author: Mouldir Adamzhan

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