In Tune with the World

In those who travel a lot, who live in two or more cities, we see the spirit of modern nomads. Sayora Ni is one of them. 

How do you see the image of the modern nomad? 

Free-spirited, freedom-loving. Like her predecessors, active, communicative and in harmony with the world, a good wife and mother. 

A modern nomad woman dresses comfortably, stylishly and modestly, but not provocatively. 

How is your life organised?

We can live in two countries as a family - both our school programme and our work, which does not oblige us to be in one country all the time. I like this way of life, and I am happy that we are both comfortable in our home country and outside it. The disadvantages are only at the very beginning, when you do not yet know the rules of the country and do not know people you personally know. On the positive side, you can be where you want to be at any time.

We have the traditional questions we ask each interviewee. What do you like most about our country? 

Our nature is our wealth, and I adore it. And I also love our cuisine. 

Our magazine is called Museofnomad, which means "muse, or inspiration of a nomad". What do you think inspired the nomads?

The splendor and freedom of the great Kazakh steppes.

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