Sheraton Full Moon Resort & Spa in the Maldives restores coral reefs

Sheraton Resort Full Moon The Resort & Spa has a longstanding relationship with Reefscapesmarine biodiversity organization, which, among other things, helps to preserve coral colonies threatened by climate change and human impact.

In late March, marine biologists and the Reefscapes team observed massive coral spawning, a critical event in their life cycle that occurs only twice a year.

After the evening tide, spawning occurred in three species of corals of the genus Acropora (Acropora secale, Acropora squarrosa, as well as in a third still unidentified species (according to some assumptions, Acropora plantaginea). Each colony spawned at a strictly defined time, one polyp released one packet of gametes.

According to the lunar cycle, tides, water temperature and wind, corals simultaneously release tiny sperm and eggs called gametes into a column of water that rises to the surface of the ocean and allows for external fertilization. After some time at the surface, the larvae, called planula , return to the ocean floor and attach to the substrate, populating the coral reef. The new polyp then forms a new colony that grows in size over time.

These coral colonies were rescued from Gulhi Island Falhu in 2020 and relocated to the pyramids near the Sheraton resort Full Moon Resort & Spa, which gave them a second chance at life. Spawning showed that these colonies feel good in a new place. This is great news, and once again confirmed the need for a reef restoration program.

The goal of the coral reef restoration program is to transfer as many coral fragments as possible to the reefs. When these corals mature, they will begin to spawn on their own and populate new territories around the Maldives. Spawning increases genetic diversity and signals the gradual recovery of reefs from bleaching.

Sheraton resort guests can help corals too Full Moon Resort & Spa if they participate in the Adopt Coral program. They can replant coral fragments in their natural habitat - coral reef ridges in island lagoons - and thus help restore their population.

Emilio Fortini, CEO of Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spasaid: “We see one of the fastest growing trends in tourism is the awareness of tourists about their personal impact on the environment and the places they visit. The Adopt Coral campaign gives our guests a great opportunity not only to enjoy touching nature, but also, while on vacation, to help it to the best of their ability. We fully support such aspirations and are happy to invite all guests to join the program - this can be done at any time of the year!


Author : IgorToporkov

Photo : Sheraton Full Moon Resort & Spa

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