As good as home

Alexey Vorobiev is  famous Russian actor, singer,director, composer, screenwriter and UN  goodwill ambassador, staring in international pacific and creating music videos which go viral all over the world. 

 Alexey Vorobiev visits Nur-Sultan, Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan with concerts, presentations of music videos and international film festivals. Our traditional questions are addressed to him.


- What do you like about Kazakhstan?

- I can list a lot of beautiful places, architecture, but it doesn't leave that kind of impression unless there's good people around. And I think Kazakhstan has the kindest and most hospitable people in the world. I felt good at your place, like at home.


- What is a nomad for you?

- A nomad is the happiest man on earth, because any place can become a home for him. He is not bound to four walls and goes forward in search of his destiny. A nomad is free and therefore happy. I think it would be useful for all of us in the modern world to go to the steppe for a couple of years and find our way in this endless emptiness, listening to the dictates of the heart.


- What do you think was the muse for the nomads?

- The muse, if I may say so, was the desire to know and find oneself. Let the road of a nomad be long, dangerous and unexplored, but only on such a road can one find out who he or she really is. As Confucius said, "Three paths lead to knowledge: the path of reflection is the noblest path, the path of imitation is the easiest path, and the path of experience is the bitterest path. 

The way of the nomad is the way of experience. Reflection is often wrong. Imitation is never the key to success. And experience is what our life is woven of, and the bigger and harder the obstacles were in the past, the easier it will be ahead.


Interviewer: Moldir Adamzhan

Photos: from the personal archive of Alexey Vorobiev

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