Attention to detail.

 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And the one who is looked at, feels more confident when his appearance is close to his own standards of beauty. 

Creating personal criteria, someone is guided by generally acceptable norms: narrow waist, plump lips, expressive eyes. And methods of approaching their own ideal, everyone has their own. Eliminating external defects, adding a little touch to the appearance, plastic surgery sometimes turns people's consciousness upside down, gets rid of complexes and gives a new, bright life. 

My search for beauty led me to the office of Elena Valentinovna Fedorova - a plastic surgeon - a rare profession for women. People come to her for beauty: former and unprecedented, to become even more beautiful or as beautiful as before. They come here not because of a threat to life, but because of their own desire.

The first question was how such a glamorous girl came to such an unusual occupation. Plastic surgery - a difficult but exciting profession, which requires constant honing of skills. It is important to have the full package of qualities: endurance, perseverance, accuracy, attentiveness and diligence. 

Elena Valentinovna started her career in the burn department of City Clinical Hospital No. 4 of Almaty. She was engaged in the treatment of consequences of severe burns, restoration and skin transplantation. She went to other countries for training in plastic surgery. And today the doctor treats sword-cuts and scars, but already with other methods. For example laser surgery, which gives good results. 

The patient, trusting his doctor, feels that he will be helped. The strength of Dr. Fedorova lies in her energy and cheerfulness and her desire to make her patients' dreams come true. As a specialist she is characterized by responsibility and professionalism. As a woman she has attention to detail. A neat suture is practically invisible after complicated surgical manipulations. The doctor uses both surgical and non-surgical methods. Nowadays body correction with the use of one's own fat is gaining popularity all over the world. Elena Valentinovna models the body with a combination of liposuction and lipofilling of buttocks, breasts and other parts of the body. Lipomodeling can replace traditional plastic surgery and the use of implants. After the cleaning procedure, the patient's own fat cells are injected into the necessary places. 

Abdominoplasty is a painstaking operation that requires a long rehabilitation period. However, the result gives the patient a new life, without complexes and worries. 

Certain procedures are required to return colors to intimate life - for indications, in the presence of anxiety or a desire for vivid sensations. 

Profession of a plastic surgeon requires not only physical strength, but also demonstration of will, patience and purpose. That is why there are not so many women in this specialty.

An experienced doctor creates beauty, or rather, makes our men and women more confident about themselves and their beauty. The inner perception of oneself, according to our heroine, is appearance, and if it can be influenced, it can be corrected. The arsenal of Elena Valentinovna includes lipomodeling surgery, intimate plasty and comprehensive intimate rejuvenation, blepharoplasty, contourplasty, body shape restoration packages (mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, labioplasty). The self-esteem of most patients skyrockets after the procedures.

Our conventional questions further exposed Yelena as a person. If, when talking about plastic surgery, the heroine looked focused and attentive, during the interview about nomads and our country her face lit up with tenderness.

"I've traveled all over Kazakhstan. Both traveling and nomadism are a process of human liberation. A nomad is a person who breathes with his full chest. I like the beautiful and bright national clothes. The horse on which one rides. The beautiful air of the steppe, the mountains.  Everything to do with moving a strong, healthy human body. The ability to live life to the fullest. The freedom you can control and walk through life."


Talked by Gaziza Gabi

Photos: @dan_smat


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