Italian beshbarmak

Italy, it would seem to me, is very close to any Kazakh! In this country, they also appreciate meat and enjoy a hearty and tasty meal.

And I will tell you about a local town Chianti, famous not only for the local wine, which is made by an ancient technology for already hundreds of years and necessarily branded with a silhouette of a black rooster in a red circle.

The town is also home to the world-famous (eighth generation) butcher Dario Cecchini. He makes the famous Florentine steak from the famous Chianina cow.

The butcher's shop has a restaurant and reservations are required in advance! Cecchini's motto: "A cow can be eaten whole from nose to tail, just cooked right!" Which, in fact, we saw for ourselves during lunch at his restaurant. We had never eaten so many meats! It may have been a simple meal, but it was quite a show! The meat is cut on a huge table in the centre of the room, where there are fryers. Everything is cooked before our eyes. The vegetables are a particular eye-catcher. The garden vegetables - carrots, celery and fennel - are dipped in olive oil and seasoned with a good portion of salt and herbs (Dario's own salt).

But the main course is still meat, of course. Italians love pasta, which is not the main course, but a light snack before the main meal. Pasta is eaten every day.

But our native beshbarmak is the same pasta with lots of meat!  So we can consider ourselves a little bit Italians! And Italians may consider themselves relatives of Kazakhs.


Author: Malika Baidauletova, @m_baidauletova

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