State of Flying Soul

  Edgar Novopashin is a certified psychologist and well-known coach, who traveled half the world in his time on a bike.  

Today Edgar conducts personal growth trainings which are very popular not only in Russia but also in the neighboring countries.

What impressions do you have of your stay in our country?

Always with great pleasure I go to Kazakhstan, however, not only because of the wonderful national cuisine. At people of your country - amazing energy - very warm and disposing to communicate, so I want to come back here again and again. For this reason, any Kazakh restaurant in London can't replace a stay in a friendly company in the historical homeland of nomads.

What do you know about nomads? As far as we know, you once had a chance to travel many tens of thousands of kilometers on your beloved iron horse...

I was a biker for many years, so I traveled a lot around the world. I remember my sleeveless shirt with the word nomad on the back. The roar of the engine, the wind in my ears... riding a bike compared to a car evokes completely different associations. I am familiar with the feeling of freedom that takes you over the whole body and also with the sensations that can be compared with the meditation process. When you are rushing along the roads on a motorcycle, and there are uncharted lands ahead of you. I would compare such a state to the flight of the soul, which in general cannot be compared to anything else.

During such moments I understood perfectly the nomad who lived many centuries ago... I, for example, very often did not use a navigator at all then, simply turned it off. Because my inner state demanded it, in which I felt myself a part of the surrounding nature, of the landscapes that flashed past me.  


Photographer: Aidyn Ahmet, @aidyn_ahmet

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