The blog of the unknown Kazakh

Dias Kameridianov's blog, called unknownkazak, has become popular on Instagram due to its deep dive into the topic of Kazakh identity.

 The author of the blog manages to find previously unknown historical facts, conduct analysis and create unique content.

Your blog is called unknownkazak, how do you make the "unknown Kazakh" recognizable in today's world? Why did you choose such a name?

My wife and I came up with the name because we originally blogged anonymously. I still have the iron mask of a Kypshak warrior on my avatar. And I, like in the movies, put on the iron mask and start "fighting" against historical injustice. About recognizability - there is no secret ingredient. When you do what you love and devote enough time to it, you will get results in any case, especially if you have the desire and discipline.

The description of unknownkazak's blog sounds like "falling in love with the Kazakh universe". What do you think people fall in love with the Kazakh people for?

For their breadth of soul. For their philosophy.

How do you see the modern Kazakh?

He has a good education, in addition to his mother tongue he speaks English, Russian and other foreign languages. He knows his roots, he is not estranged from his nation, he is open to the world and he understands modern trends.

What do you think our mentality is? What are we like?

We are a passionate nation. We have high potential and a strong spirit. Unruly, rebellious. If only our energy were channeled in the right direction, then the world would learn more about our country.

Your blog has 125 thousand followers on Instagram, and blogging is hard work. What has the blog given you?

Like-minded people, people with similar views. I encourage everyone not to be afraid to write, make videos, share their unique life experiences with people. You will find your own audience.

Our information portal is called Muse of nomad, which means "muse, or inspiration of nomads". What do you think inspired the nomads?

The cosmos, nature and the desire to explore the unknown.


Interview by Gaziza Gabi

Photo: from personal archive of Dias Kameridianov @unknownkazak

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