Motto is an incredibly beautiful hotel in the centre of Vienna.

The historic building that gave birth to composer Josef Strauss in 1827 has had several transformations over the centuries. Today, it has acquired a majestic and austere exterior and a romantic interior after an extensive renovation. 


This is where the love story of frivolous Paris and conservative Vienna begins.

Upon entering the hotel, you are immediately immersed in an atmosphere of elegant luxury, as the hotel combines the bohemian Paris of the last century and modern Vienna. Two favourite cities! Two opposites! Two eras!

In fact, the connection between Vienna and Paris is surprisingly great. After all, Marie Antoinette herself was born in the palaces of stately and austere Vienna as Archduchess of Austria before marrying Louis XVI and becoming queen of not only France, but of grand balls and entertainment!


The building's unusual design was brought to life by Bernd Schlacher, owner and creative director of the Motto Group, inspired by the glamorous Paris of the 1920s and the austere urban lifestyle of Vienna's confident society.


Paris is also reminded by the aroma emanating from the French bakery Motto Brot, where you can enjoy fresh baguettes and delicious croissants.

The walls of the hotel rooms are decorated with tapestries of animals or plants. The velvet sofas and bright lampshades of the floor lamps are reminiscent of the spirit of the late-century Parisian Marais quarter.



The eighth floor of the hotel offers access to the small spa and restaurant Chez Bernard, which is always full, so reservations, even for breakfast, need to be made in advance. This is not because the hotel guests stay there all day, but because it's a favourite of Vienna's art scene.

All this is united by the mesmerising oval-shaped central staircase, which sweeps up eight floors and is a separate landmark of the Hotel Motto.

Author: Malika Baidauletova, @m_baidauletova

Photos: From the author's personal archive

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